Why Your Home’s Door Color Is Important to Potential Buyers

Why Your Home’s Door Color Is Important to Potential Buyers

You might not see it now, but your front door color is likely why buyers have not requested a tour of your home. The color of your home’s front door can be the thing that makes or breaks a sale. Here’s why your home’s door color is important to potential buyers and how you could make a better first impression.

Why Does Paint Color Matter?

Although it may feel like a minor thing, homebuyers (and sellers) notice a potential home’s curb appeal, and if the door doesn’t entice them, they’ll move on to the next listing.

A door stands as more than just an extra layer of protection from intruders and severe weather; it’s what represents you and your home’s personality. If the door’s color doesn’t exemplify either, it won’t help you sell the house. The paint color also prepares buyers for what to expect when they enter the home.

What Paint Colors Do Buyers Prefer?

Paint colors can say more about who lives inside the home than a door sign, and they can also be a welcoming beacon for many buyers. If you want to make a statement that entices potential homebuyers, then you’ll need to choose one of these colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow

What Entryway Paint Colors Should You Avoid?

Some door paint colors are terrible and don’t mesh well with the interior of the home. Consider complementary colors if you’re not striving for personality in your front door. Avoid using these colors on your door:

  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Pale green

How To Pick the Right Paint Color for Your Door

Paint colors can say a lot about your home. Don’t jump right in without first visiting a paint store and exploring your options. The best way to select a good color is to look at their color wheel. Then, consider your color scheme. Some homeowners stick with monochromatic colors, but if you want a striking contrast, pick something that’s a shade above or below your interior wall’s paint color.

Make Sure the Door’s Worth the Hassle

Not all doors are worth painting. If your door has issues and looks awful, it’s better to look into getting a replacement. Attempting to repaint a broken or otherwise unattractive door that’ll only depreciate your home’s value will just cause you suffering.

We want your home to sell well, whether you live in the Atlanta area or beyond, and if the look of your door isn’t helping, contact our team at Bear Mountain Custom Painting for a quick door installation in Cumming GA. We’ll help you with all your door and window painting and replacement needs.

How a Professional Carpenter Can Actually Save You Money

How a Professional Carpenter Can Actually Save You Money

You’ve considered many avenues for your home improvement project, but nothing seems to fit. If you’ve felt stressed over home repairs, consider hiring a professional to aid the processes along. Here’s how a professional carpenter can actually save you money.

They Thoroughly Clean Vents and Air Ducts

Cleaning out your air ducts and vents is essential, but you can sometimes miss pivotal spots when doing it yourself that will cost you down the line. Don’t keep doing this task yourself—a carpenter can quickly clean out everything from dust to dead leaves and dirt. If you want to avoid making your HVAC unit work harder than it needs to, let a professional handle the job.

The Home Becomes More Energy Efficient

Thin walls aren’t very energy efficient. If you’ve looked everywhere for a better way to insulate your home and have come up short, get advice from a carpenter. They can guide you through inspections and recommend the best solutions. A carpenter can enhance your home’s current energy consumption, no matter what climate you live in.

They’re Creative in Reusing Old Materials

If there’s a lingering pile of remodeling debris you can’t figure out how to reuse, leave it to a carpenter. A carpenter can work to reuse these materials in new ways when revamping a different area of your home. For instance, you might have removed wooden furniture from your home, and it may still be sitting around months later. A skilled professional could change these items into something new for you to use.

If you need new cabinets, the builder can remake the wooden furniture into cupboards for the kitchen so that you don’t need to go out and buy new ones. They can even repaint your windowpanes if you need to increase curb appeal.

They Possess Incredible Expertise in Everything Home-Related

If you don’t know how to fix your gutter system, hire a carpenter! Are you having trouble restoring your deck? That sounds like a job a carpenter can do! Carpenters have the skills to handle any renovation or construction projects thrown their way.

Carpenters handle everything throughout the process, from conducting an inspection, planning the project, picking materials, and doing the heavy lifting. Professional carpenters can help you save more money thanks to their vast knowledge of home renovations and construction methods.

Fixing Structural Issues Is Second Nature

Don’t worry about fixing structural issues—this is second nature to a carpenter. They know what areas to focus on first and what to handle last. They know how to examine the brittle bones of older homes and find suitable solutions to build new structures. In general, carpenters are the people you want around to fix up the house and help with building new additions.

At Bear Mountain Custom Painting, you get to team up with knowledgeable carpenters that can fix old homes, clean out gutters, and repaint the walls of your home. By relying on professional Cumming, GA carpenters, you will waste less time stressing over the best paint method to use and more time focusing on other tasks. Contact us when you’re ready to hire a carpenter.

Things To Consider Before Having Your House Painted

Things To Consider Before Having Your House Painted

Painting a home goes beyond picking a color and finding the best finisher to use on your walls. Another consideration is choosing what rooms to paint first. Before having your house painted, you should consider getting your painting supplies ready, choosing a paint color you like, and researching local experts who can help. Let’s discuss these considerations and more.

Test a Paint Color First

Even though you can accentuate the exterior with paint, you must test the color first. By researching and experimenting with different colors, you should find something that represents your personality and style and improves the entire exterior.

If you don’t feel comfortable applying the paint sample on the walls, try using an app. Most home improvement apps let you see how the siding will look with a new paint color. If you don’t want to use an app, paint the sample onto one portion of the siding, and let it dry.

After it dries thoroughly, take some time to think about it; look at how it blends in with the landscape, the window styles, and your entryway. You might not think to look at the front door frame, but it’s actually a good indicator of whether or not a paint color works.

Pick a Color You Like

Make sure to pick a paint color you like. Don’t settle for a color that doesn’t fit your style or doesn’t look good on the exterior. Depending on where you paint, all sides of the house matter, especially if you have an awning.

Don’t rush your process. When you’re in the hardware store, ask the associates for their opinion on the best exterior paint colors. Then, list the best color choices, and sample each. Don’t neglect any colors. It’s better to have tested every color than miss one you might love.

You Can Go Back and Change the Color

Ensure the color you pick is what you want. Although you can go back and change the color, it’s a good idea to be confident in your decision. Picking a paint color is one of the hardest things to do when designing your exterior, next to choosing the best lawn decorations.

Don’t be afraid to speak up and admit if the paint colors are wrong. You can quickly tell if a color doesn’t work by looking at it from different angles. Additionally, if you notice the color looks terrible in different lighting, go ahead and change the color.

Find Out How Much Paint You Need

While you don’t need to go out and buy the paint, finding out how much you need to paint the exterior is essential. You could always rely on your painting team to do the math for you, or you could use an online calculator before contacting a professional painter. That said, a professional can give a rough estimate of how much paint to buy.

Once you’ve found how much paint you’ll need, the professionals will take it from there. They’ll gather the paint, and sometimes they’ll use different strategies to save you money. One method professionals use to save on paint is called “boxing”.

Boxing is when a painter combines the remaining gallons of paint into a big bucket. This method is preferred so the paint color remains the same throughout the process.

The Quality Matters Most

Besides the price of paint, the quality of the job matters the most. Paint has transformed throughout the years, with most having a longer lifespan. When you have newer, modern paint, you won’t need to paint as often. Many of them have other benefits, such as moisture and fade resistance.

Be Mindful of the Weather

The weather can make projects difficult to plan. It’s a good idea to watch the forecast daily and plan your exterior painting project around the days your area will experience the worst weather. Paint can’t dry properly in hot or cold weather.

In order for paint to dry thoroughly, it needs to be applied to a dry surface, so painting on a mild day is better than on a hot, sunny day. Aim for painting in temperatures that range from the 50s to the 70s. This is a comfortable temperature range to paint.

Make Sure You Clean the Siding

Paint won’t stick to siding that’s dirty and rotted. Before painting, you should clear away dirt and debris and replace your siding if it’s warped or rotted. Wood rot is easy to manage if you catch it early enough.

When cleaning the siding, use a scraper to get any chipped paint or hard-to-remove grime. A scraper or sandpaper can remove dirt or paint chips. If you are dealing with wood rot, remove any infected areas, and then hammer on new siding. Right after putting the new wood on, make sure to use a wood hardener and wood filler that match the color of your wood.

Think About the Landscaping

You must protect the landscape near and around the house. Without the right protections, such as tarp and plastic coverings over the lawn, garden, and porch, you risk paint getting into places that are hard to clean.

Painting is messy. Even professional painters can make a mess, so they should also use the essential protective gear in every job. An exterior painter in Alpharetta, GA will use tarps to cover vulnerable parts of the landscape, including gardens, decks, patios, outdoor furniture, and more.

Hire a Professional for Extra Help

If you feel stuck, rely on a professional for extra help. You might not be able to paint the exterior in time alone, so hiring an experienced worker can speed up the process. You and an exterior painting team will plan your painting project together.

An exterior painter inspects the entire perimeter of the outside of the home and will decide what areas to focus on the most. They will especially focus on the current weather conditions before picking a side to paint first.

All in all, you should hire additional help with your painting jobs if you are struggling to finish on time. Aside from looking over the considerations to make before painting a house, you should contact a professional exterior painter for advice on how to proceed.

Every home that needs a paint job should go through Bear Mountain Custom Painting. We’re proud to provide professional painting services to the greater Atlanta area. We look forward to helping you with painting your home. Contact us for more information on our painting services.

Things To Consider Before Having Your House Painted
How Siding Improves Your House’s Curb Appeal

How Siding Improves Your House’s Curb Appeal

Every home has its most beautiful part—whether it’s bay windows, the style of the roof, or your siding, your home’s likely to have something everyone wants to have on their home. If you could have part of the house be the center point, let it be the exterior walls. Here’s how siding improves your house’s curb appeal.

There Are Many Benefits

A good home starts on the outside—what are you doing to fix your exterior? There’s so much you can do, and one of the best ways to boost curb appeal is with new siding. Homeowners receive many benefits when they replace their siding with something new.

Here’s what you can expect from getting new cladding:

  • Affordable options
  • Better durability
  • Timeless looks

There’s Creative Freedom

No matter what material you use, there’s room for creativity. The house reflects your personality and should remain that way, so stick with an affordable siding that feels right to use on your home. Don’t settle for just any cladding; make sure you explore everything before deciding.

The following choices are the best for your home:

  • Vinyl
  • Hardie board
  • Shiplap
  • Manufactured wood
  • Metal

These materials are great because they’re durable, weather-resistant, and fit in every home style. So, when thinking about your next siding installation in Cumming, GA, consider the materials you’d want to use, as they will create the look you desire.

Maintenance Is Cut Down

You could repaint the sides of your home if you want, but it peels and only creates slight elevation. If you want to continuously turn heads, and be the envy of your neighborhood, install and maintain your siding. Retaining your exterior walls allows you to spot problems before they progress further.

It’s OK if you aren’t sure how to improve your curb appeal; installing new siding onto your house increases curb appeal, leading to a better home value. Nevertheless, instead of imagining what your home could look like with new siding, do something about it.

Bear Mountain Custom Painting is here for you, providing the best exterior siding installation in the Atlanta area. If you have questions about our exterior siding services and want to discuss your future project, contact us! We’re happily awaiting your call to fix up your home and increase its curb appeal.

The Top 4 Things To Fix When Renovating a Home

The Top 4 Things To Fix When Renovating a Home

One thing you’ll have pre-planned before renovating a home is a list of the top things to fix. We cover four that you should consider and include in your to-do list. Review what you’ve written and decide what you want to do first.


Focusing on the floors first eliminates the chance of future problems and significantly helps visually improve a space. Whether you’re planning to resell or not, the floors are the first aspects visitors notice as they walk into your home.

First, remove your furniture, rugs, and anything else that sits on the floor. If you have carpeting, don’t rip it up unless you know for sure that you’re going to remove it.

Go ahead and examine the surface. For carpets, you’ll look for tears, discoloration, and water spots. As for flooring, warping, cracks, and creaks are signs you need to fix the floors.

Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the second best place to gather with friends and family. If you find that the cabinets are outdated or have loose knobs, cracks, or chipped paint, it may be time to fix the cabinets. The reason to focus on cabinets is that they’re relatively quick to change compared to other major elements in the house.

Check the doors for noises and wobbliness. If the doors appear crooked or lean, you need to readjust or switch them out. If you plan to do more than the kitchen cabinets, you should let your team of contractors know.

Hiring a team of home renovation contractors in Atlanta helps keep your list of things to fix during a home renovation organized.


Your walls are the other thing you can focus on first. From the dings to holes and discoloration, walls are easily repairable. All that’s necessary is caulk to fill gaps and cracks, a new primer to keep new coats of paint from absorbing moisture, and your favorite wall decorations.

If you decide to knock the walls down, you could do that instead to create an even better layout for your room. Knocking down walls opens the space and creates more spacious walkways between the kitchen and living room. Whatever you consider doing, you should talk with the contractor about your options.


When looking at your house’s exterior, you may notice warped sides, cracks, or holes. You should try to address these immediately to prevent further issues. The siding is a major thing to fix when renovating a home because it can affect its structure and look. The contracting team will inspect and change out any damaged areas.

Bear Mountain Custom Painting has contractors in Alpharetta and the surrounding areas that can help you complete your to-do list so that you can get the results you want. Contact us for more information on our contracting services for your home improvement.

Questions To Ask Your Carpenter Before Starting a Project

Questions To Ask Your Carpenter Before Starting a Project

Whether you’re sampling paint, idly using Pinterest for renovation inspiration, or picking out floor tiles for the bathroom, you should communicate every change and question to your carpenter. Take every chance you get to talk to your carpenter and ask them important questions, especially before starting a project.

Is There a Team That Comes Daily?

Not every home remodel is going to be the same. There may not be a massive team of builders renovating your house, and you may not have a roofer or a painter, but you likely will have a carpenter who builds the right team for you.

As such, you’re going to have a certain number of workers working on the project each day. During the day, you may hear someone refer to a staff member as the superintendent. This title describes the person in charge of hiring and operations. Before starting, ask about the remodeling team and get to know them so that you can put a face to each name.

What Will the Schedule Look Like?

Your renovation schedule is up to you and your contractor. The contractor will always plan their schedule around yours, especially if they’re working on another development. You should have an idea of a set schedule during the planning phase.

During the development phase, you’re going to discuss the room you plan to work on. The timing will all depend on the space. For instance, a kitchen remodel could need a month or more and will likely render the space inoperable during that time. Therefore, it’s important to ask what areas the crew plans to work on each day and week.

What Protection Methods Do You Use in Renovation?

Every renovation project, no matter if it’s inside or outside, needs protection. A good safety method is to always use tarps and durable plastic to protect the construction area. Carpenters will survey an area, mark what obstacles are in the way, and find strategies to work around those areas.

If required, a carpenter may ask you to move things within the space or remove them entirely so that they can work safely and efficiently. Be mindful of the workers; as much as you want to redo your room quickly, you also need to give them the space to work.

Will I Have the Final Say in Decisions?

As the homeowner, you’re in charge of any final decisions. When working alongside Carpenters in Cumming, Georgia, you’ll communicate a lot. They will present you with many options, and you get to decide what happens next in the renovation process. This is one of the biggest questions you must ask your carpenter before starting a project.

As you work out the final details and decide what’s best for your home, you will have a carpenter from Bear Mountain Custom Painting on your side through it all. While renovating is fun, it’s also a process that involves communicating about what works for you. Our carpenters look forward to helping you; reach out for more information on our carpentry repair services.