Looking for an Alpharetta roofing company with superior customer service and decades of experience? Bear Mountain Custom Painting has been one of North Georgia’s premier roof replacement and repair contractors for over 20 years. 

A solid roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. It needs to stand up to pouring rain, constant UV assault, and occasional hail. Being vigilant and replacing your roof before it fails can save you thousands of dollars in home repairs.

Roofers That Are With You Each Step of the Way

We know that it can be a stressful experience to have workers on top of your house. Many roofing contractors focus on the work and forget what it’s like for the homeowners. Not Bear Mountain.

We know you want high-quality work done in a timely manner by people who treat your home with respect.

We train our staff to listen, over-communicate, be friendly, and get the job done as quickly as possible. Whether your residential job takes 3-4 days or we are working on a large property for a month, we will always work quickly, efficiently, and skillfully.

Our crew is impeccably clean and treats your home like they would their own. That means:

·      No loud music

·      No swearing

·      No tobacco use

·      We protect your landscaping

When Is It Time for a New Roof?

By the time water is dripping from your ceiling it has already penetrated the attic space, damaged wood and compromised insulation. Here are 4 signs that it might be time for repairs or replacement before the damage is done.

1. Odd colors. Yellow or brown stains on walls or ceilings might indicate water entry. Call us immediately if you notice discoloration, especially in the ceiling and upper part of the wall.

Moss on Your Roof

Clumps of moss keep moisture from running off the roof. That moisture could be settling into rafters under shingles. At a minimum moss means you need roof cleaning. It could also mean damaged shingles, or worse.

Your Roof is Old

Asphalt shingles last from 10-20 years in the south. If you can’t remember when the last time you had new roofing put on, it’s time for an inspection.

Missing or Curling Shingles

If you notice blank spots where shingles should be, then they are probably past their prime. They may be losing their adhesive strength. The next big windstorm could take away even more. Shingles that curl up on the edges also indicate looseness.

Rock Solid, Decades-Long Roof Protection

Sometimes leaks can be traced to cracked vents or uncaulked seams. If we can repair the damage without a full tear-off and replacement, we will. 

But if you need a new roof, we often suggest two options for materials.

For asphalt shingles we use only high quality, reputable roofing underlayment. Shingles have improved over the last few years in terms of performance and looks. You will get to choose from a variety of colors and architectural shapes. They also range in durability with warranties to match.

If you opt for slightly more expensive, but longer lasting metal roofing, we know where to source the most durable and cost-effective metal roofing materials for your home.

After tearing off the shingles we inspect for damage to the sheathing. This plywood layer is what the shingles attach to. If we find damaged sections, we replace with ⅝” thick non-OSB plywood.

How Does Our Roof Contracting Process Work?

We make the entire roof replacement process as simple as possible for homeowners in the Alpharetta area.

The Step-By-Step Process You Will Experience

1. When you call us, we will gather as much information about your home, your goals, and any issues you are having at the moment. We want to know what you want at your house. If you aren’t sure, we are happy to help.

2. We will visit the job site, measure the size of your roof, and inspect for any damage that can’t be seen from below. You will discuss options for materials and schedule availability.

3. We will then follow up with a detailed proposal for your review – costs, time frames, materials and more included.

4. We will remain in touch to answer any questions you have about the proposal.

5. We set and abide by a start date for the work

6. A Project Manager will show up on the start date with a crew to begin prepping the job. This may involve:

  • Placing a dumpster near the home
  • Protecting landscaping
  • Receiving delivery of shingles, plywood, and underlayment

The Project Manager is your single point of contact and will be on the job to answer your questions and ensure the project gets done as efficiently as possible.

7. After the dumpster is in place, the crew will work rapidly to remove all shingles and old underlayment (felt). After inspecting for damage they will roll out new underlayment as fast as possible to provide a layer of protection on the off chance that it rains.

8. The next step is attaching the shingles. Depending on the size of your home this may be as short as one day. Possibly two for larger homes.

9. Once installation is complete and the site is cleaned up, the Project Manager will perform a walk-around inspection with you to make sure you are 100% happy with the work 

Hire Alpharetta’s Finest Roofing Contractors

When you are ready to get decades of peace of mind by installing a new roof, call the company with almost two decades of experience in Alpharetta, GA.

We’ve fixed countless roofs, and we can’t wait to help you improve the quality and value of your home.