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Despite being one of the most durable building materials, brick and stone are still subject to visible aging. Once sharp and crisp edges can become rounded and soft, and both minor and major repairs can result in noticeable differences. Even the once vibrant colors can fade with time under the sun. With these signs of damage, you may feel the need to grab a bucket of paint and get to work covering the blemishes. However, there is an alternative that works just as well as (if not better than) paint. The alternative is limewash, and it can be easily installed by the professional limewash contractors here at Bear Mountain Custom Painting, Preferred PROs at Romabio.


Limewash is made by combining heat-treated pulverized limestone with water to make a putty that is ideal for application on porous surfaces like brick, stone, and plaster. It can be used both on home exteriors and interior spaces to cover unsightly damage and add durability to worn bricks and stones. Given limestone is naturally a white opaque color, limewashed surfaces will look as if they have been painted white. However, limewash can be pigmented too; it’s often found in shades of natural browns and grey.

Limewash differs from traditional paint in many ways. The most obvious difference is that limewash is made from limestone and water, while paints are typically made from chemicals. When applied correctly, limewash will not peel, flake, or chip like some paints would. Additionally, limewash can be easily removed up to five days after application.


Here at Bear Mountain Custom Painting, our limewash contractors specialize in professional limewash services for residential exterior brick and stone walls. Using classico limewash from Northern Italy, the application will give your brick or stone surfaces a soft white appearance with long-term durability and low maintenance. Additionally, unlike paint that simply coats stone and brick, limewash penetrates porous surfaces and doesn’t peel off over time. For more information, give us a call today!


In addition to exterior limewashing jobs, Bear Mountain can also complete this task along some of your home’s interior surfaces. Our limewash interior painting services help transform areas like your fireplace, your basement floors, and even your walls depending on their materials. Even a single coat of this substance can add a unique sense of depth and texture, making it one of the best ways to allow your aesthetic to stand out. As such, you never need to feel limited when it comes to altering the style and appearance of your home. Bear Mountain offers our limewash interior painting services in several northern Atlanta communities. So don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have an interest in giving your home a distinct new look.


In addition to limewash, Bear Mountain also offers other masonry coatings, like Masonry Flat by Romabio. This mineral paint, which was made for masonry, is durable on both exterior and interior surfaces. Unlike limewash, masonry flat will provide a beautiful flat finish that resistant to mold, free of toxins, and environmentally friendly. Unlike regular paint, Masonry Flat will calcify to the surface, allowing moisture to be expelled and providing a finish that lasts longer and is low maintenance.

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