Bear Mountain Exterior Solutions, the leading window replacement contractors in Alpharetta since 2005, stands ready to replace old windows, improve your HVAC efficiency, let more light into your home, and dramatically improve your quality of life. Replacing old, tired windows can work wonders, and we are happy to provide many options for you to choose from. Our largest window replacement job that comes to mind was a 4-story, 80-window project for  a large home in North GA, but we routinely help homeowners with as few as 3-5 windows.

We offer complimentary quotes for all window installation projects, and we also offer one of the region’s best warranties on our window installations. If you have any questions or would like to proceed, please get in touch.

We Use Only High Quality Windows

While we always work with our customers to include their requests and preferences, here are the products we use most often. If you have something else in mind, please let us know.

Vinyl Window Replacement in Alpharetta

We receive the most requests for vinyl window installation. Did you know that a new set of vinyl windows can reduce your energy consumption up  to 25%? [1] Older wood or aluminum windows often allow air to seep in or out of your home, increasing your energy bills. Our vinyl windows reduce heat transfer through multi-chambered panes, and the low-emissivity (LowE) coatings help further.

Extruded vinyl windows also save you a tremendous amount of hassle. They rarely warp, never rot, and you will not need to stain them or worry about insects. All told, you will enjoy 20-40 years of great performance from a new set of vinyl windows with almost no ongoing maintenance whatsoever.

One of the only drawbacks with vinyl windows is that you don’t have the full spectrum of colors at your disposal, but you can still choose from beige, white, almond, egg shell, black, and other standard colors. We can paint vinyl windows, but this is a challenge for two reasons in particular:

    1. To paint vinyl, we’ll need to thoroughly clean, sand, and prep the window, This can increase the cost of the project
    2. Prepping and painting vinyl windows will most likely void the manufacturer warranty.

That waid, we have hundreds of happy customers who have chosen vinyl. We generally use high quality Simonton and Lindsay vinyl windows, and we know you will love the finished product.

Cellular Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Windows in Alpharetta

Vinyl windows are made from PVC as well, but the manufacturing process for “cellular” PVC windows is a bit different. The windows are not hollow, can be sawn and worked with like wood, and can even be painted to any color that you wish. That means that there will be greater flexibility when you use PVC replacement windows in Alpharetta, and if you are replacing traditional wood windows, there may be less glass space loss (resulting in more natural light entering the home). You can also get PVC windows in a variety of composite finishes that mimic the look of genuine wood.

Furthermore, cellular PVC windows will block more sound from entering your home, resulting in a more peaceful environment. We generally use Enviroguard PVC windows, and would be happy to speak with you about options.

Wood Window Replacement in Alpharetta

Classic wood windows are hard to replicate. They have character, offer the highest amount of glass space, and can be custom fit to your specifications. We will work with you to choose the perfect Enviroguard wood window frame, and if you have a specific request, we’ll work with you. Furthermore, we can install windows for any space or size, and we’ll prep and paint your wood windows as part of the project.

End-to-End Window Replacement Excellence

Before We Get Started on Your Project

Firstly, we will speak with you about your needs and your time frame. We’ll visit the job site, supply options for windows and project dates, and arrive at a fully complimentary quote for the project. We are happy to include your feedback and any specific requests you have, and our pricing is fair and transparent.

Alpharetta’s Most Courteous Window Contractors

We treat your home like our own. Our window contracts will use drop cloths, avoid any tobacco products or loud music on your property, and behave in a professional manner at all times. Our window installations rarely take more than 1-2 days, and we adhere to our scheduled project times.

Attention to Every Detail

Our projects come with generous warranties, and that’s because we believe in the quality of our work. We will measure the window space perfectly, ensure a tight fit, use caulk and foam in a professional manner when necessary, install flashing and Tyvek as need be, and more. We will not leave you with drafty, squeaky, or catchy windows.

Will also paint our cellular PVC and wood windows as part of the job – when we leave, everything will look exactly like new.

How Can You Tell if You Need New Windows?

Here are a few signs that you might need new windows. This list isn’t exhaustive, and you may also want to replace your windows for aesthetic or functional reasons.

Outside Noise is Too Loud

Forget HVAC bills and drafts – if too much noise is making its way into your home, you might need new windows. Firstly, you may have faulty insulation or damaged seals. We can check that for you and either recommend an efficient fix or a window replacement.

Older windows with single pane glass will also let more sound into the building. Consider upgrading to double or triple pane windows – these have gas or air pockets between the panes, and these pockets stop sound as well as air.

Drafts are Noticeable

Weather stripping can deteriorate over time, and poor installation techniques will expedite the decay. The same applies to poor window sealing and caulking. If you have any noticeable drafts coming through your window, you may need to replace the window to stop AC waste and discomfort. Additionally, older wooden frames can warp over time, thereby allowing air to pass through the space.

Fogginess Inside Your Window Panes

Condensation inside your window is a bad sign; it means that your insulating glass unit (IGU) has failed. If the sealing mechanism enclosing your panes of glass has a leak, you will experience moisture building up in your windows.

Wood Frames are Starting to Rot

Wood can wear out over time, especially if it has been exposed to moisture, insects, or other issues. We also have an expert team of carpenters, and whether you want to replace the window with a fresh set of wooden frames or make the switch to vinyl or PVC, give us a call.

Entrust Our Alpharetta Window Installation Contractors With Any Style

While double-hung windows may be king, we also have years of experience working with sliding glass windows, affordable single-hung windows, contemporary casement windows, beautiful bay and bow windows for unobstructed views, static picture windows, and much more. Regardless of your needs, please contact us for your complimentary quote. We also serve as Alpharetta’s door replacement experts, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.