Why You Should Consider Installing Skylights or Roof Windows

Roof Replacement in Atlanta, GA

Every homeowner experiences roof problems, but how you look for and treat them isn’t always common knowledge; therefore, homeowners should hire a professional to do any roofing work. And, of course, roofers work their way through issues with their tools to patch and fix the major problems on a roof.

Bear Mountain Exterior Solutions is proud to have our team of expert roof replacement specialists restoring customers’ roofs. Give our roof repair service a try—you won’t get lost in the process with a professional on your side.


Typically, the first signs of a damaged roof are cracks and leaks. But that’s not the only way; you may notice shingles standing or falling, the drain systems falling down, or even signs of poorly installed flashing.

If there are several red flags, we will recommend a roof replacement on your Atlanta, GA, home so that it’s done faster and you don’t spend more money on other problems down the road. Repairs can only go so far when problems run this deep.


You might not know, but the surefire way to know if you really need roofing work down is by inspecting your shingles’ appearance. If your ceiling looks as if it’s starting to collapse, it’s likely sagging, meaning your roof is damaged.

You can check for other signs, such as:

  • Dark streaks of brown, green, or black
  • Loose or curled shingles
  • Animals burrowing in your gutters or roof

It’s always a good idea to reach out to a roofing company about scheduling roofing services, especially if you’re unsure if it’s time for a replacement. At Bear Mountain Exterior Solutions , we’re happy to inspect and repair or replace your entire roof. Our professionals pinpoint what changes are necessary, and then they quote you for roofing work.

If you notice signs your roof has significant damage, call for an inspection. Bear Mountain Exterior Solutions makes it easy to plan and schedule roofing services for every homeowner. For a quote and to schedule a roof replacement in Atlanta, GA, contact us by phone at (678) 455-2887 or by email at [email protected]. We can’t wait to help you with roofing work!

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