Why You Should Consider Installing Skylights or Roof Windows

Since 2005, Bear Mountain has provided high quality contracting services to residents in Cumming and all of North Georgia. We take the time to provide accurate and itemized quotes, and we always work with homeowners to make sure we deliver the exact product they are looking for.

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Roofing Repair and Replacement in Cumming, GA

We often help homeowners with roof repairs in Cumming and all of North Georgia, and you can often add a decade or more to your roof’s lifespan with a few repairs from an expert.

Roof Leak Repair in Cumming, GA

Leaks, of course, are a common reason people call us. Georgia receives the seventh-most inches of rain per year in the US at 50+ inches of rain. That varies each year, but typically, GA is in the top ten. Shingles may be the culprit – if severe weather has damaged the first line of defense on your roof, you may get leaks.

Flashing may also be the issue. The metal and rubber material covering the joints on your roof must be installed carefully, and if it’s not, you will have leaks over time. We often fix poorly-installed flashing or use roofing cement and other means to securely plug leaks.

Believe it or not, clogged gutters can lead to leaks on your roof. Leaves, twigs, and magnolia seed pods clog a gutter faster than you think, and if water gets backed up onto your roof, you may experience leaks.

If you have a leaking roof, call us! We will inspect your roof, identify the issue, and give you an honest and timely quote.

Sagging Roofs and Faulty Roof Decking (Roof Sheathing)

In this case, “roof decking” refers to the foundational roof elements that support shingles and other roofing materials on your house. Also known as Roof Sheathing, the roof deck must be strong enough to support the shingles you’ve chosen, any HVAC units on the roof, and more.

If you are noticing cracks in your ceiling, significant leaks, or sags, you need to call a roofing contractor in Cumming immediately for a quick inspection. You could have rotting in your plank or sheet decking, and you may need to tear off your roof and see what the extent of the problem is.

In short, a sagging roof could be a leading indicator of serious structural damage, and you do not want to risk a collapse. We suggest that you call us as soon as possible if you notice a sagging roof.

Have Your Energy Bills Significantly Increased?

If your GPC bills have started to increase, and your rates haven’t changed or your usage hasn’t become more demanding, you could have a roof problem. Windows and doors are another common issue here, but your roof is not above consideration.

Your HVAC bills can significantly increase if your roof is poorly insulated. This is a problem we help homeowners with, and it’s more common than you might think.

Air leaks around chimneys and vents also happen fairly frequently. We can use high-heat caulking and other materials to stop your air leaks and improve your energy bills.

Another common issue in Georgia is proper ventilation on your roof. When temperatures are in the 90s, you need to allow hot air to escape from your attic. If not, the demands on your AC unit may get out of control.

Roof Replacement in Cumming, GA

Roofers in Cumming, GA for Insurance Replacements

If you’ve sustained significant damage from a storm, falling tree, or other accident, your insurance company should be covering the cost of the repair or roof replacement.

Firstly, we recommend that you contact our roofing contractors as soon as you realize you’ve sustained damage. We would be happy to stop by your home, carefully analyze the damage, and give you an overview of your potential needs and costs. Your insurance company will send an adjuster to your home to assess the damage from their perspective, and you may need the expert opinion of our contractors on hand to weigh the integrity of the adjuster. We are also happy to be on the premises when the adjuster visits your home.

Secondly, we will work with you and your insurance company to provide a detailed and complimentary quote. Then when it’s time to do the work, we will remain within the budget – we know that you can’t exceed your insurance settlement budget, and you are already on the hook for a premium.

Lastly, most homeowner’s insurance policies cover emergency repairs that impact your ability to live in the home. We can stop by and take care of gaping holes, leaks, and other damage while you await the insurance money.

Making Cosmetic Changes To Your Home?

You may need a new roof if you plan to list your house for sale, if you’re building an addition on your house, or if you’ve renovated your home and want to give it a new look.

Our roofing contractors in Cumming, GA can give you samples of asphalt, cedar, redwood, terracotta, metal, and other shingles and tiles and we are happy to talk you through the various costs and functional considerations of different roofing types. Furthermore, we can carefully inspect the roof’s sheathing and load bearing capabilities to make sure your chosen roof materials don’t cause your roof to sag.

If you have a relatively basic asphalt shingle roof, and if the roof is over 15 years old, you may want to consider having us inspect the roof prior to you trying to sell your home. We can quickly identify leaks, rotting below the shingles, draftiness, and other issues, and we can have a brand new roof in place faster than you think. This will significantly increase your home value and the speed with which it sells.

We Work With All Shingle Types

Shingles can be damaged by severe weather conditions such as heavy winds, hail, or falling tree branches, and they can age and look worn from UV rays. If shingles are missing, cracked, or curling, it can leave gaps in the roof that allow water to seep in.

If you’d like new shingles for either practical or cosmetic reasons, please get in touch.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common product on the market because of their combination of durability and affordability. We’ve installed asphalt shingles on scores of homes, and we can do the same for you. All it takes is a visit to your home and a measurement of your roof for us to give you an accurate and free quote.

Wood Shingles

The rustic look is increasingly popular in the North GA area, and we enjoy helping homeowners pick out the perfect type of natural wood for their home. Cedar, Redwood, and other woods are popular, while wallaba is also an excellent choice. If you have the budget for them, teak shingles are the king of looks and durability – they are hard to beat. We would be happy to talk you through the different types of wood shingles, and we can also discuss the difference between shingles and shakes (either handsplit or tapersawn).

Metal Roofers in Cuming, GA

Metal shingles can cost twice as much as traditional shingles, and they can be quite loud during a rainstorm of course. But they have many benefits as well. Galvanized steel, copper, tin, and more can last for an extremely long time, and they are known for their energy efficiency as well. Furthermore, metal roofing is not flammable.

Slate Shingles

Slate shingles can transform an ordinary home into a rustic showstopper, and their longevity (150+ years) is hard to beat. They are also impervious to insects, and they are totally waterproof. They are an investment though – they are one of the more expensive products on the market.

We have the experience and skill to source and install your slate tiles though, and we would love to speak with you about  the pros and cons of this roofing style.

Clay or Concrete Tile Roofing

From terracotta roofing to single shingles made from concrete, we can help transform your roof into a sophisticated and durable source of protection. We would inspect your roof to make sure it can support the weight of clay tiles, and we can help you choose different colors and shapes for your tiles. Clay roofing is extremely wind resistant, rarely rots, does not attract insects, and generally lasts a century or longer.

We Use Only The Highest Quality Roofing Products

We give our customers the finest quality work possible, and that starts with our products. We source our shingles from GAF and Owens Corning, and we stand by the quality of their roofing materials. From asphalt shingles to wood shakes, we trust the durability of these brands.

Furthermore, Bear Mountain is in the process of becoming a GAF certified partner. This adds yet another layer of trustworthiness to the work we provide.

We Handle Every Aspect of Roofing in Cumming, GA

From inspecting the load-bearing capabilities of your roof to fixing leaks and installing shingles, we are a full-service roofer in the Cumming area. We can handle:

  • Starter strips
  • GutterMate
  • Ridge Vents
  • Underlayment
  • Drip Edge
  • Flashing (all types)

If you have any questions about your roof whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to call.