If your home needs a facelift, if you notice unwanted drafts, or if your doors don’t close properly any more, call our door installation contractors in Buford, GA today. We’ve been serving North Georgia since 2005, and we can handle full home door replacements front door installations, patio door makeovers, and so much more. All interested customers receive a complimentary quote, and we would love to speak with you about improving the value of your home.

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door replacement and installation in Buford, GA

We’ve helped people with 2-3 windows, full new custom home door installations, and single doors, and we have the experience to install the perfect solution at your home. Perhaps you need a stunning entrance with custom woodword in a large Tudor home, or a set of bedroom doors in a traditional house. Or maybe you are looking for large sliding glass doors for a mid-century modern ranch home. Whatever the case may be, we can help.

Attention To Detail

Many door issues stem from lazy installation. You won’t have that problem with us. As professional contractors, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to quality when installing new products. Here’s a glimpse into our meticulous process.

First, we carefully measure the existing door openings to ensure a perfect fit. We take measurements from multiple points, considering width, height, and depth. This step is crucial, as precise measurements prevent gaps, leaks, and drafts after installation.

Once we have the correct measurements, we order the door or get to work on custom orders, specifically tailored to these dimensions. When the door is ready, we thoroughly inspect each aspect for any potential issues or defects before starting the installation.

On the day of installation, we begin by removing the old door. We do this cautiously to avoid damaging the surrounding walls or frames. We also take care to prevent any glass breakage, ensuring a safe working environment.

After removal, we clean and prep the area, checking for any rot or structural damage that needs addressing before installing the new door. This step includes removing old caulk, repairing any damaged wood, and ensuring the sill is level.

Next comes the installation of the door. We align it within the opening, ensuring it is level and plumb. Using quality shims, we adjust the window until it fits perfectly. We then secure the door hinges, careful not to overtighten, which could warp the frame.

Lastly, we apply a high-quality caulk and weatherstripping to seal the exterior, followed by trimming the interior, matching the home’s existing aesthetic. We clean the windows and the surrounding area, leaving the space as neat as when we arrived.

Our commitment to precision, quality materials, and superior craftsmanship ensures that our window installations improve not only the aesthetic of your home but also its energy efficiency and value.

Door Installation and Replacement in Buford, GA

We will work with you to identify and install the perfect door for every space in your home. Front doors, patio doors, bedroom doors – we have experience with all door types.

Front doors, the first impression of your home, come in many styles. Traditional wood doors, with their intricate details and rich tones, offer a timeless appeal. For a modern look, we suggest steel or fiberglass doors, which are highly durable and offer a range of design options.

For your patio, sliding glass doors are a popular choice. They create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor living spaces and allow natural light to flood your home. We also install bi-fold doors, which can open up an entire wall, creating a stunning connection with the outside.

French doors, with their elegant, double-door design, are perfect for many locations in the home. Their full-length glass panels fill rooms with natural light and provide a graceful transition between spaces. They work wonderfully leading out to gardens or as entries to a home office.

We also install interior doors, including pocket doors, great for saving space, and barn doors, which add a rustic touch. Another option is Dutch doors, split horizontally to open independently top and bottom – a charming choice for a kitchen or nursery.

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