Bear Mountain Custom Painting has been serving Alpharetta and all of North Georgia since 2005, and we would love to help you improve your home with a new coat of interior or exterior paint. From furniture and cabinets to new construction projects, we’ve seen it all – and we always stand by the quality of our work.

Furthermore, our painting company boasts some of the most skilled and courteous painting contractors in the Southeast. Get in touch for a free quote, and work with a trustworthy, experienced, and skilled business.

Exterior Painters in Alpharetta, GA

A fresh coat of paint not only increases curb appeal and resale value, but it also protects your siding from the blistering Georgia sun.

When It’s Time To Call Our Exterior Painting Company

Customers usually come to us when one of these 3 things is happening:

Cracking, peeling, and bubbling paint are clear signs that it’s no longer adhering to the siding. When that bond is broken, moisture can enter under the paint. And moisture is the enemy of all siding. Moisture equals rot and decay.

Fading paint is not the most important issue, but it does indicate that it is past its prime and may not have many years of protection left. Equally important is how it makes your home look dated and tired. A fresh coat provides a speedy visual upgrade.

Selling your home is typically a great time to repaint your exterior. You can expect to recoup most of your investment when you sell. More importantly, real estate agents know that a home with a fresh exterior will sell much more quickly.

We Use high Quality Paint and Tools

At Bear Mountain, we stand behind reputable, well-designed paints that are vibrant and long-lasting. For our primer, we use premium products like KILZ Exterior Latex Primer, Diamond Brite Paint Oil Primer, Prestige Paints Exterior Paint and Primer, and more. The primer forms a base layer of protection from the elements and provides a layer for the final coats to adhere to.

Among our go-to exterior paints are brands like Behr Marquee, Benjamin Moore Regal Select, and others. We stand by the quality of the paints we use, and we want your home to look beautiful for decades.

We Don’t Cut Corners – Thorough and Professional House Painting

On day one, we will mask all of your windows and trim to protect them from the new coat of paint. This will often take the entire day, although if we are just painting one or two walls it may take a few hours.

The crew will then return with pumps and spray equipment. Most small to medium-sized homes can be painted in one day. Larger homes with dormers or multiple stories might take 2-3 days.

Thirdly, after the paint has dried, the crew will return to remove the tape and plastic sheets used for masking and shrub protection. The final step involves the project manager doing a complete walk through to ensure the highest quality.

Interior Painters in Alpharetta, GA

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the look and feel of your living space. It brightens and enlivens rooms and increases resale value when it’s time to sell. And, when done right, can protect walls from stains and damage for years to come.

We Use High Quality Interior Painting Materials

At Bear Mountain, we use high end primer to form a protective base layer for the final coats. If you have a preference we are certainly happy to use that one, but if you don’t, we are happy to make suggestions. We can paint the interior of your home with any hue or color, and we are happy to use glossy or flat matte paints. It’s your home, and we would love to hear your opinion.

Additionally, we go to great lengths to mask off all trim and hardware and protect your carpets. Walls get two coats of charming protection, and everything else is left untouched.

Our interior Painting Process

1. When you call for a quote, our staff will collect as much information as possible about the number of rooms and square footage you want painted. We will schedule a time to stop by and inspect the project space.

2. In our scheduled visit, we will measure the size of your rooms and bring color chips to help narrow down your options.

We will discuss which rooms will be unavailable and in what order and schedule availability.

3. We will then customize a proposal that spells out costs, dates, and colors.

4. We will sign the contract and set a start date.

6. On the agreed-upon day, we will start by:

    • Cleaning and prepping walls
    • Masking with tape and plastic
    • Moving furniture out of the way

7. Depending on the size and number of rooms, the crew will take 1-2 days rolling on the paint. Once a room is complete and dry, they will remove plastic and tape. At this point furniture may get shuffled around.

8. Once the paint is dry and the tape and plastic removed, the Project Manager will perform a walk-around inspection with you to make sure you are 100% happy with the work.

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