Working on a new look for your home? Bear Mountain Custom Painting is here to make your vision a reality. Whether you need a fresh coat of paint to rekindle a working model, or you are looking for a completely new style, our painters look forward to helping you with your project. With nearly twenty years of experience, Bear Mountain Custom Painting boasts the best painting contractors in Marietta and areas surrounding Cobb County.

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How We Work

Working with Bear Mountain is easy and stress-free. You can call our office, and we will answer quickly. We are always ready to answer your questions, and our entire quoting process is completely complimentary. You can call or visit our website and fill out the form online. 

Most of the time, we can help with the estimate over the phone. Or if your project is more involved, you can send pictures of the area in question, and we can deal with the estimate that way. If you prefer meeting with us face to face, we can certainly meet you at the site and get right to work. 

When we paint on your property, we are careful to treat it as your property. Carefully placed drop clothes will protect open areas and possessions such as the floors, plants, carpets, vehicles, driveways, curtains and more. Our painters are committed to high-quality results that can only be obtained through meticulous care. 

Our Painting Services

As the leading house painters in Atlanta, Fulton County, Cobb County, and the surrounding areas, we offer a variety of painting services. 

Interior and Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is important for reinforcing and protecting the finish and stability of whatever siding your home may have. Aluminum siding often requires strong and durable weather resistant paint to fight against corrosion. Wood exteriors are prone to rotting, and they require frequent priming and sealing to keep it looking fresh. Vinyl siding is very convenient for homeowners because it requires very little upkeep, and it is so compatible with a wide variety of paint colors. Fiber cement siding is a modern and sleek look that can be painted to fit any desired aesthetic. Brick walls are durable and classic, but frequent repainting will keep the finish looking fresh and attractive.

For interior painting, it is important to consider the value and use of every space in the house. Different places in the house may look best with brighter colors, and other places look best with a darker color scheme. Common areas, like family rooms and great rooms, should probably employ brighter colors to enhance the size of the room and appear more inviting. Each room in the house carries its own personality, and our painters will help you capture that personality with the perfect coat of new paint. 

Limewash and Masonry Coatings

Limewash coatings are characterized by their unique and rustic finish. This coating is perfect for older structures on account that the coating, made from limestone, is breathable and allows air and moisture to escape. This finish is desirable for its unique matte finish and its ability to defend against weathering. Masonry coatings come in a variety of colors, allowing for customization and expression, while protecting the wall from peeling. 

Cabinet Painting

Painting the cabinets is an easy way to refresh or change the look of your kitchen without getting an all new layout. Our painters know the proper methods for dealing with your cabinets whether they be in the kitchen, the bathroom, or the hallway. First, the cabinets must be prepped. Preparation includes sanding down the old finish, taping off areas that paint can’t touch, and priming. Priming the wood ensures that the finish will be smooth and professional. We are perfectly equipped for this job by using high-quality paint that will not scratch or scuff with daily use. 

Our Professional Process 

Our process for painting is painstakingly meticulous. Our painters start by assessing all the areas that need painting, and then they move to figuring out the best course of action. After inspection, we will prime all the walls, sidings or cabinets, and we clean the surfaces so that they are absolutely ready to be painted. Our process for painting your property is thoughtful and complete. 

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Bear Mountain Custom Painting is the leader in all painting projects in Marietta, Georgia. Not only do we excel in interior and exterior painting, we are also the leading house painters in Rosewell, cabinet painters in Cumming, and concrete coatings in Duluth. With over eighteen years of experience and thirteen areas served all across Georgia, Bear Mountain Custom Painters is the company for you.