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Sliding glass door and wooden steps at the back of a home with wooden fence. The paved and rocky backyard has a view of sky and houses in the neighborhood.

Faulty Windows Need To Be Replaced As Soon as Possible

Damage To Wood, Furniture or Drywall

If your windows are not secure, you may be exposing the interior window frames, a couch, a chair, or even your drywall and electronics to unwanted water and humidity. This can either happen incrementally or over time; if you see a big storm coming, it’s already too late to have the window replaced. Don’t let a relatively minor window replacement project turn into an expensive home repair project.

Serious Decline in HVAC Efficiency

Poor weather stripping or caulking, old single pane windows, and warps may cause extra strain on your heating and cooling systems at home. If you feel a draft or temperature variation around your windows, you might have a problem. You will pay more on your utility bills, but even more importantly, leaky windows may cause your HVAC unit to wear down sooner and need replacement. In these cases, a simple window replacement would have saved $10K-$20K.

Beware of Home Invaders – Pests May Crawl In

Gaps around your windows and frames can let ants, cockroaches, mice, and other pests into your home. Furthermore, added humidity caused by lackluster windows will invite unwanted visitors.

Safety Issues Caused By Old Windows

While such situations are rare, it’s possible that you may someday need to rapidly open or close your windows for your own safety. Whether the situation involves escaping a house fire, closing windows against the elements, or something else, windows that do not reliably open and close are a significant safety hazard.

Exterior Noise Penetration

Homeowners rarely think about noise insulation until it’s a problem – you will sleep better and have an overall better quality of life with updated windows. Double or triple pane windows help with this, as does professional window sealing and caulking.

Types of Window Replacements in Roswell, GA

Double-Hung Window Installation in Roswell, GA

Double-hung windows are traditional and widely popular due to their versatility. They feature two sashes that slide vertically, allowing for excellent ventilation. Installing these windows requires professional expertise to ensure both sashes move smoothly and the window balances properly. Special attention is also paid to ensure a snug fit in the window opening and proper insulation around the frame.

Casement Window Replacement

Casement windows are hinged on one side and swing outwards, offering superior ventilation and unobstructed views. Professionals installing casement windows must ensure the window is level to prevent unwanted swing and to ensure the sash seal is tight when the window is closed. The hinge mechanism also requires careful handling during installation.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows move horizontally and are typically chosen for wide openings. The professional installation of sliding windows involves ensuring the window is perfectly level so that the sashes move smoothly. The track on which the sash slides must also be fitted correctly to avoid operational issues.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows protrude from the home, adding architectural interest and interior space. Their installation is more complex due to their size and the angle at which they extend from the home. A support structure, such as cables or braces, is often necessary to bear the window’s weight. The area around the window must also be well insulated and sealed to prevent drafts.

Skylight Windows

Skylight windows are installed in the roof, providing abundant natural light and the view of the sky. Their installation requires precise cutting of the roof and the construction of a frame, or curb, to hold the skylight. It’s crucial that the skylight is sealed correctly to prevent water leakage, and the surrounding roof area often needs to be reshingled.

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