Signs You Need to Repaint the Interior of Your Home

We all love well-polished homes, and we put effort into maintaining them. Over time, though, some of the aesthetics that go into our homes simply need to be revamped.

One of those aesthetic features is the paint on our walls. Once an initial wall painting is completed, it’s often taken for granted until we need to have it done again. While cracks are an obvious sign that wall painting is necessary, there are other things to consider, too. Below are the telltale tigns that you may need an interior paint job, and of course, contact our Cumming and Alpharetta house painters if you’d like a complimentary quote.

The Paint is Cracking

This is the clearest sign that your home needs a fresh coat of paint, and not only for aesthetic and practical reasons, but potentially for safety reasons. This is because cracking home paint that may contain lead poses a risk of poisoning (if your house was built before 1978, make sure to keep all paint in great condition, and make sure to clean up dust regularly). Adding a new coat of paint will enhance your home’s aesthetic, and for some, eliminate a safety hazard. Putting an end to cracking paint will also prevent further damage to your walls.

The Paint is Fading

Faded paint may be due to sun bleaching or, less commonly, from water intrusion. Either way, you should say goodbye to the dull appearance of fading paint and hello to a new layer of your favorite color. Your home will look more much appealing with a fresh coat compared to the old, faded paint.

It’s Been a Couple of Years Since Your Wall Was Last Painted

Generally speaking, your walls should get repainted about every five to eight years. The precise amount of time, however, varies on the quality of paint previously used and where inside the house your walls are located. The higher-quality paint used, the longer you can wait on this scale. Hallways, entryways, and corridors should be repainted every three to four years because they are frequently used.

In your home, if there are signs you need an interior paint job, leave it to the experts at Bear Mountain Custom Painting. Contact our residential painting contractors in Cumming, GA today for a complimentary quote.