Commercial and Residential Concrete Coatings

15 Yr Residential Warranty | 5 Yr Commercial Warranty

Bear Mountain approaches every new project with the goal of creating a beautiful, functional, and long-lasting finish. While others might think that Epoxy is the only choice for their garage floor, basement, or pool deck, our clients benefit from our far superior polyurea concrete coatings.

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Issues with Traditional Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy is a widely popular method of coating that is promoted and used because the materials are easier to obtain. That does not mean that epoxy is the solution for your development project. You may find that epoxy causes problems that you might only discover once you have spent the time and money to install it.


Epoxy Takes Longer Than Our Concrete Coatings

First, the installation process for epoxy is time-consuming and bothersome. Epoxy coatings create strong fumes that will likely bother children, pets, and those who are sensitive to chemical odors. Epoxy usually takes about a week to fully harden and is susceptible to damage during this period. Our polyurea installations usually take 24 hours total.


Epoxy is Susceptible to UV Rays, Chemicals, Tool Drops & More

Even after the epoxy hardens, it is known to chip and crack, especially if in a location of frequent use. Once epoxy cracks, it can quickly escalate, meaning that you will have to pay close attention to the condition of your flooring.

Epoxy may also pose a hazard to you even when it works correctly. Surfaces coated with epoxy can become abnormally slippery when wet. This is a significant problem for surfaces that are frequently exposed to water or the elements, such as garage floors or surfaces near pools.

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Advantages of Our Polyurea Concrete and Garage Floor Coatings

In contrast, our methods are much less invasive and will develop a much more reliable product. We can install your polyurea coating in 24 hours, start to finish, and have it ready for use the next day.

Polyurea coatings are highly resistant to disturbances like chemicals and abrasions that make damage and cracks more likely in epoxy. This also helps them hold their shine so that your floor stays pristine regardless of the type or frequency of use it gets.

Our polyurea methods are reliable and versatile. We have installed coatings in schools, retail locations, animal shelters, commercial kitchens, salons, and showrooms just to name a few. These clients rely on our floors to not just hold up over time, but also to keep their employees and clients free from harmful accidents.

Alpharetta Concrete Coatings For Residential and Commercial Use

Residential Polyurea Applications

Most of our residential work comes from garage floor coatings, basement coatings, and pool deck coatings. We occasionally coat patios as well.

If you have a bare concrete basement, but you’d rather keep it relatively functional and without carpet or hardwood floors, we can provide a glossy, attractive, and durable polyurea floor in your basement. It’s a great option for flex space or basement workshop space, and even if you plan to use the basement recreationally, it can be a great fit.

Our Alpharetta garage floor coatings are also extremely popular. We’ll test the porous nature of your concrete and the moisture level, and if everything checks out, we can usually have your garage ready to use again the next day. We know that you don’t want your classic cars or tools out in the driveway for long!

Our outdoor uses for concrete coatings are also popular. You can get a glossy, durable, UV resistant, and textured pool decking surface in no time at all, and the same applies to patios.

Commercial Concrete Coatings in Alpharetta

If you run a veterinarian business, lab, factory, or other commercial space, you need a durable and reliable floor that can repel chemical stains and remain maintenance free for a long period of time. Furthermore, you need a floor with decent traction (and at times, texture). Our concrete coating experts in Alpharetta can create the ideal floor for your business – get in touch for a complimentary quote.

Our Friendly and Dedicated Team Takes Your Concerns Seriously

Most people get stressed out by the prospect of a flooring project, fearing that it will cause a serious inconvenience or worse, damage valuable or personal property while on site. Bear Mountain has worked hard to establish a reputation of bringing care and respect to each new job.

That is why our services are not limited to simple installation. When you reach out to Bear Mountain, our contractors will schedule a consultation on site so that we can offer frank and sincere advice about the best options for your specific situation. Throughout the installation process, we will also provide cover and protection for any fragile or valuable personal property that might be on site so that you don’t have to worry about uprooting yourself.

For more information about our approach to your job in Alpharetta and how we can put your mind at ease, reach out to our team today.

Reliable Coatings in Alpharetta Installed by Reliable People

Bear Mountain has been in business helping the people of Georgia since 2005 and our approach has not wavered. Our award-winning business holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and testimonial reviews from our satisfied clients speak for themselves.

We have enough experience and technical knowledge to advise you in all areas of your project. Take it from us, no home improvement undertaking is small, and you deserve to have support that you can rely on throughout the process. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with all of our clients so that you can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you have a go-to one-stop shop for all of your home improvement needs.

How is Polyurea Installed on Your Flooring?

Step 1:

An industrial-grade, diamond-tipped floor grinder will be used to profile and grind the concrete surface to enhance the adhesion for a polyurea basecoat, which is four times more robust than epoxy. Specialized vacuuming equipment will be employed to minimize dust and debris.

Step 2:

The damaged concrete surface will be restored by mending any cracks or pits with high-strength binding materials and fillers. A hand grinder will be utilized to widen the cracks before the repair, ensuring the maximum effectiveness of the restoration process.

Step 3:

Using high-quality nap rollers, a self-priming basecoat made of pure polyurea (four times more resilient than epoxy) will be evenly applied to the concrete surface.

Step 4:

The concrete surface will be entirely covered with vibrant-colored vinyl chip material. It will be distributed manually and generously spread across the area.

Step 5:

Following a brief curing phase, the concrete surface will be thoroughly scraped and vacuumed to remove any unattached or upright flakes, leading to a smooth and hazard-free finish.

Step 6:

To seal the coating and maximize durability, an ultraviolet (UV)-resistant, polyaspartic clearcoat will be spread over the surface using squeegees and rollers.

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At Bear Mountain, all potential new clients earn a complimentary initial quote for their job, no matter the size. To get you the best information possible, we will take the time to come to you and inspect the site so that we can generate a specific and thorough picture of what you can expect.

For more information about polyurea coating installation or any of the other services that we provide in Alpharetta, such as painting or door replacement, contact us at our offices by calling us today. We help clients in the surrounding areas well, including Roswell, Milton, Buford, and all of North Georgia.