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15 Yr Residential Warranty | 5 Yr Commercial Warranty

Bear Mountain provides the finest concrete coatings in Johns Creek for garage floors, basements, patios, and commercial spaces like veterinary clinics, labs, and more. Our polyurea solution is not only more durable than epoxy, but it also has a beautiful finish with multiple color options that epoxy simply can’t match. Pair that with the mere 24 hours that these garage floor finishes take to be usable, and they are without  doubt the best option on the market.

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Why Our Polyurea Concrete and Garage Floor Coatings in Johns Creek are Superior


We’re glad you’re here – many homeowners or shop owners only find out about polyurea after they’ve spent money and time installing a subpar epoxy floor. In fact, we get calls from clients who need a new concrete coating because they are frustrated with the result of their epoxy coating. Here are a few benefits of our solution.

Our Concrete Coatings Have a Full-Chip Broadcast

Many epoxy floor coatings have a partial chip broadcast, in which thermoplastic PVA chips are added to the coat before it has set. Our full-chip polyurea coatings are much thicker (often up to 30 millimeters), providing a significantly more durable, and better-looking, coating.


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Our Concrete Coatings Install Much More Quickly

Traditional epoxy takes up to seven days to be ready for use. That includes the installation and curing period. When you also consider the fact that you’ll have strong chemical fumes from the epoxy in and around your home for that period of time, it can cause significant annoyance.

Our garage floor coatings in Johns Creek take only 24 hours to install and cure. This is a groundbreaking development, and homeowners love how quick the process is.

Polyurea Has Superior Resistance To UV Rays, Chemicals, Dropped Tools and More

If you need a durable and resilient concrete coating, this is the best option on the market. Polyurea doesn’t chip and crack the way epoxy does. Furthermore, once a small chip appears in epoxy coatings, the structure is compromised and the chip may spread.

Our coatings resist UV rays, have an excellent texture that is slip resistant, and will handle the rigors of tool drops, car parts, and chemical spills.

More Variety in Colors, and a Better Look

Johns Creek, GA garage floor coatings

Choose from tan, black and white, chestnut, beige, smoke, and other color concepts, and find the perfect Polyurea concrete coating to match your home, patio furniture, vehicles, and more. These coatings aren’t the top choice among auto dealers for nothing – they have an aesthetic and professional look that will uplift the entire environment.

The Concrete Coating Installation Process

Step 1

The concrete surface will undergo preparation for a polyurea basecoat, which is four times as resilient as epoxy, by being refined and leveled with an industrial floor grinder that has diamond tips. Specialized vacuums will be used to restrict dust and small debris to the lowest possible level.

Step 2

During the refurbishing process of the concrete surface, durable substances like binders and fillers will be employed to mend any existing cracks or cavities. The cracks will first be enlarged using a hand-held grinding device, assuring the strength and longevity of the repairs.

Step 3

The concrete surface will receive a uniform coating of a base layer composed of unadulterated polyurea, known to be fourfold stronger than epoxy, applied expertly with top-grade nap rollers.

Step 4

To create a vibrant appearance, manually dispensed multi-colored vinyl chips will be spread across the concrete surface in a thorough and abundant manner.

Step 5

Following a brief time set aside for curing, the concrete surface will be scrupulously scraped and vacuumed to dispose of any unbound or standing flakes, culminating in a polished and safe final appearance.

Step 6

The concrete surface will be treated with a UV-defiant polyaspartic clearcoat, which will be painstakingly spread using squeegees and rollers. This final coating encapsulates the previous layers and guarantees superb durability.

Concrete Coatings For a Variety of Spaces

Commercial Concrete Coatings in Johns Creek

Vet clinics, labs, factories, workshops and other commercial spaces would all benefit from our amazing concrete floor coatings. Auto showrooms (and other showrooms) are another great place for these coatings. It provides an aesthetically pleasing and professional look, provides texture for slippery surfaces to keep your workers safe, and will last for many years.

Residential Concrete Coatings

Our polyurea coatings work well in a variety of ways. If you have a basement that you would rather not add hardwood or carpet too, we can help make it an ideal workshop by adding vibrant concrete coatings. Our garage floor coatings in Johns Creek are another popular choice, as the flooring comes in a variety of colors (and a 15 year warranty). From pool deck coatings to patios, we cover all manner of residential surfaces.

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