Roofs tend to take the most damage during heavy downpours. However, some unexpected crawly critters even borough inside chimneys for warmth and shelter. After removing the pests, contact us for chimney cap installation.

Chimney Rain Caps in Atlanta and Cumming, GA

We love the outdoors, but we still like to keep it away from the interior of our homes. Without chimney rain caps, the funnel could overflow with debris, leading to problems later, like carbon monoxide buildup. Consider installing chimney shrouds for your Atlanta, GA, home.

Our rain pans are custom-made from galvanized steel and copper. Each one improves your home by preventing rain from pooling in the fireplace and preventing critters from invading.

Contact us today about installing chimney shrouds onto your Atlanta, GA, home. Bear Mountain Custom Painting is ready to answer any inquiries about chimney rain caps. Contact us for a quote by email at [email protected] or phone at (678) 981-9294.

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