If you have rotting, drafty or aging windows and doors, Bear Mountain has a complete spectrum of home window and door replacement services to meet the needs of those in Metro Atlanta and Cumming, GA. We’re even familiar with the trends of Georgia’s real estate market, so you can rest assured you’ll get only the most the most modern recommendations and solutions. Get in touch today to learn more about what our home window and door replacement experts can do for you.

Give Your Home a New Look
The simple addition of new windows and exterior doors can give a very distinct look to your home. Replace those old, hard-to-open wooden windows and frames with new PVC parts. Visitors will be blown away by the incredible new look of your home!

The Best Door & Window Replacement in Cumming
Replacing your windows and doors is so much more than just an aesthetic choice—it is an investment. Our home window and door installation services in Atlanta and Cumming, GA give our customers a great looking door or window that will stand the test of time.

Lower Energy Bills
Perhaps the most immediate financial reward is lower energy bills. New windows and doors help keep air from escaping through the cracks around older door and window frames. Simply put, without energy escaping your home, you’ll be able to make the most out of heating and cooling your home during the different seasons.

Boost Your Home’s Value
Hiring Bear Mountain to install your new windows and doors can also greatly increase the value of your home. The simple addition of new doors and windows gives your home a brand-new appearance, which allows you to increase your asking price if you decide to sell. Potential buyers like to see that the home has been well maintained. When you do decide to sell, you’ll find that investing in home window replacement in Atlanta and Cumming, GA, will be worth the cost.

Take a look at our gallery to see the transformative power of Bear Mountain Custom Painting.

Wooden Window Replacement

Wood is a timeless and beautiful construction material that must be properly maintained if it is to last. If your wooden window shows signs of excessive exposure to the elements or patches of wood rot, call today to learn about our wooden home window replacement services.

Fixed Window Sash Replacement

Some windows are installed on a fixed sash; if you need yours replaced, you should consult with the professionals. Our team has years of experience providing fixed window sash replacement services to residents in Cumming, so give us a call today.

Custom Window Fittings & Sashes

If your window fittings or sashes are custom-made for your home, you need a professional’s help ensuring that any restoration work is done correctly. Contact us today to schedule a consultation about your custom window fittings replacement or repair needs.

Window Screen Replacement

Screens are excellent additions to homes in areas where unwanted insects or animals are a concern. They keep critters out while letting in the sunshine and breeze. Contact Bear Mountain today if you need professional window screen replacement or other professional services.

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