Deck + Porch Construction and Restoration in Cumming, GA

With a new deck or porch, your home will look better than ever. Whether you’re looking for a better place to host gatherings or a sanctuary after a long day, you’ll love having the deck for entertainment and relaxation.

Add more to your home’s style with a new deck construction—it increases your home’s value and brings out the best in your home’s theme. Our customers will be amazed by the increase in home value that deck and porch construction has done for their homes in Atlanta, GA.

Open your mind to the possibility of having a construction crew help put a deck or porch on your home. If your heart’s already set on putting in one of these fantastic additions, here are the benefits you can enjoy.


For most homeowners, the idea of hosting more gatherings and having additional entertainment space are the main draws of a deck. On the other hand, many might want a place to escape to after a long workday. Whether for relaxation or entertaining, homeowners can enjoy the convenience of additional space for their personal needs.


There’s so much to enjoy about having a porch. You can spend more time outdoors, you increase curb appeal and property value, and there’s an enclosed porch option to protect your home from the elements. Aside from these benefits, here are some more reasons to consider porch construction in Atlanta, GA.

  • Enjoy increased safety measures
  • Give a better first impression
  • Get more space for entertainment


Homeowners might want to add something extra to their wooden deck to strengthen its durability and lifespan—that’s when they choose composite decking. This decking type features a special technology that goes onto wood fibers before installation to create stronger floors.

The entire process is environmentally friendly and meets all IRC and IBC codes. When creating this material, and ensuring it meets these codes, manufacturers use up to 95 percent of recycled wood, plastic bags, sawdust, and pallets.

This process enhances the protection of the wood, creating better floors than wooden or 100 percent plastic decks.


Composite decking is an intriguing deck type because of the different plastics and types of wood in its makeup. Become more familiar with composite deck installation by learning its benefits.

  • Brands will differ, but every wooden board has three to four protective layers
  • Composite decking requires no heavy tasks like sanding, painting, or staining. This makes for a completely easy installation process
  • The boards never bend, warp, crack, or splinter—so all your worries are gone!

Whether you want to learn more about deck installation in Atlanta, GA, or want a quote, our customer service reps are waiting to hear from you. Contact us by phone at (678) 455-2887 or email us at [email protected] We can’t wait to help plan your deck construction in Atlanta, GA.

Deck Restoration Contractors in Cumming, GA

Every home deserves a beautiful deck, and your house deserves one too. From endless summer nights watching fireworks light up the sky to slow winter days watching the snow fall, there’s nothing quite like having your own place to relax and enjoy time with friends and family.

That’s the dream you need and want, and Bear Mountain Custom Painting can deliver just that with our deck restoration. Our professional contractors can help bring your deck back to life by repurposing the deck stripping and placing a new sealing.

Many individuals who debate getting a deck restoration in Cumming, GA, might not know the signs they need a deck repair. Make sure you recognize what things to look for before inquiring with us about a deck restoration.

An expert deck restorer from our company will look for the following indicators to determine what needs fixing before renovating your deck:

  • Wood rot
  • Loose floorboards
  • Post rot
  • Bug infestations

Bugs and rot aren’t fun to deal with when trying to relax on the deck. Our specialty deck repairs can help restore the deck so that it’s not suffering from any issues. During your deck restoration in Cumming, GA, you may need help prepping it as well, and we can perform a quick touch-up during the deck repairs.

Here’s what we can do for your deck restoration:

  • Coat the deck with a finisher to bring out its natural grain
  • Power wash your deck to get the dirt and grime out

Our professional deck restoration services bring your backyard to life again, which is especially important if you want to throw more parties this year. Our workers comply with all local building codes while also adhering to the best practices of properly restoring your back deck.

As you go through your major deck restoration, we can provide further assistance by:

  • Letting you know the number of materials needed for the project
  • Administering the best care possible for your deck restoration

We perform our desk restoration services with you in mind, so to make sure your deck is perfect, we will also meet your specific project wants and needs.


We have the answers you’re looking for about your custom deck in Cumming, GA. You need a company with a strong background in deck repairs and restorations. Whether you’re looking to update your home or want a sanctuary all to yourself, give us a call at (678) 723-1951 or submit a quote request here. We can’t wait to bring your deck dreams to life.

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