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Hire a Painter For a Day, Minor Window Repair and More

We all have those small home improvement projects we want to take care of; a bedroom being painted, a window or two replaced, touch-up painting, and more. These projects might be too small for most contractors to take care of, but not for Bear Mountain. At our home painting and contracting company, we believe that even the smallest jobs get you one step closer to your dream home. As such, we want to be the ones to help you make this vision a reality. 

Bear Mountain is now offering small painting jobs and residential handyman services. This includes the same levels of quality and craftsmanship as you would receive with a bigger home project, but at a much smaller scale and price tag. Our experienced painters can complete a wide range of tasks for you, like interior and exterior painting, power washing, and gutter replacement. This way, there’s one less thing on your to-do list to worry about and a world of additional opportunities for crafting your home to suit your exact needs.

We understand that not all homeowners need a major home renovation. So why pay for a large job when you only need a few things done? Our professional team will work with you to determine the exact size and scale of your project so that you only pay for what you want from us. Even with these single-room small painting jobs, we seek to provide a fully customizable service for every homeowner. 

Best of all, our list of services doesn’t end there. In addition to full-scale residential painting projects, we’re experts in other areas of home remodeling too. Siding repair, door installation, deck staining, carpentry services, and limewash application are all in our vast arsenal of skills. Therefore, we’re a great resource for anyone looking to get several tasks done quickly and professionally. 

Trustworthy and Skilled Handyman in Cumming, GA

If you’re in the market for residential handyman services in Cumming, GA around your property, you’ve come to the right place. Bear Mountain Custom Painting accepts small painting jobs and home renovation projects from several areas in and around Atlanta, Georgia.  Call today or use the widget tool to schedule your appointment! We’re excited to work with you to develop the best possible home for your unique preferences.