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Serving North Georgia Since 2005

We’ve been painting houses since 2005, and we have worked on small bungalows, large Georgian Revival homes, Tudors, Colonials, and everything in between. We can paint traditional siding, clapboard, board and batten styles, and even handle painting all of your siding connectors and trims. As far as the interior of your home is concerned, we can paint the entire house or simply handle a new guest bedroom or in-law suite. We pay extraordinary attention to detail, including your molding, window frames and baseboards. We always protect your carpets, furniture, appliances, lawn, plants, and more from splashes and spills.

Our Reviews Speak For Themselves

We’ve gained hundreds of reviews from happy clients over the years. These include painting projects, siding installations, roofing repairs, concrete coating projects, fence installations, and so much more. We even replace windows and doors. We know how to work with homeowners to elevate their lifestyles, and we would love to help your house look like new.

Does Your Home’s Exterior Need a New Coat of Paint?

Recognizing when your home’s exterior paint needs updating is crucial for maintaining its aesthetic and structural integrity. While the lifespan of paint varies based on siding material and regional weather conditions, general signs indicate the need for a new coat. For wood siding, experts recommend repainting every 3-7 years, or staining approximately every 4 years. If your wood siding shows chipping, peeling, or fading, it’s time for a refresh.

Vinyl siding, renowned for its longevity, usually doesn’t require paint unless you want to change the color or refresh a faded hue. However, if it looks dull or chalky, painting could revive its appearance. As for fiber cement siding, it generally holds paint well for about 10-15 years. Key signs it needs repainting include fading and chalking.

Stucco exteriors, with their unique texture, typically need a new paint job every 5-6 years. Cracking, staining, and color fading are all clear indicators. Lastly, brick and stone surfaces can last up to 15-20 years if properly maintained. Nevertheless, if you see signs of mortar deterioration or efflorescence (a crystalline deposit of salts often visible on the surface of concrete, brick, stucco, or natural stone surfaces), repainting or a new limewash might be in order. Always conduct research based on your home’s specific needs and consult with us to get the best results.

The Professional Painting Process

At Bear Mountain, our process for painting home exteriors is thorough and detail-oriented. Regardless of the type of siding, the first step is always a comprehensive inspection. We check for damage, mildew, and areas needing special attention.

For fiber cement siding, we often begin by pressure washing to remove dust and grime, followed by scraping and sanding any peeling areas. We then apply a high-quality acrylic primer and finish with acrylic latex paint to ensure longevity.

For wood siding, we start with cleaning and sanding to smooth the surface. Any rot or damage is repaired, and loose caulking is replaced. We apply an oil-based primer to seal the wood and follow up with an acrylic latex paint for a durable finish.

With aluminum siding, after cleaning and repairing any dents or scratches, we apply a primer designed for metal surfaces. We then use acrylic latex paint, which adheres well to metal and withstands various weather conditions.

For stucco, we pressure wash the surface and repair any cracks or damage. A masonry primer is applied to seal the surface and improve the adhesion of the topcoat. We finish with a specially designed masonry or stucco paint.

Throughout the entire process, we protect surrounding areas like windows, doors, and landscaping. We strive for a clean, professional job site and exceptional final results. The completion of our work is followed by a meticulous clean-up and a final walk-through to ensure customer satisfaction.

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