Signs You Need an Exterior Paint Job

Proper upkeep is an important way to ensure that the value of your home remains up. One important part of proper upkeep is to have your interior and exterior walls painted when necessary. There are certain things to look for when deciding if the exterior of your house requires a new coat of paint. Below are a few signs to look out for. And if you’d like a complimentary quote from our exterior painters in Cumming, please get in touch at your earliest convenience.

It’s Been 5-10 Years Since Your Exterior Wall Was Last Painted

To determine exactly how long you should go until your wall is repainted, consider the following factors:

  • How well your house was painted
  • How well prep work was executed
  • The quality of paint previously used
  • The exterior surface

Wood surfaces should be painted every three to seven years, aluminum siding requires painting every five years, and stucco should be painted every five to six years.

The Boards Show Gaps or Appear to Be Shrinking

Either of these warning signs reveals that moisture might have gotten into the wood and is causing dry rot. Before you plan to have your home’s exterior repainted, you should call a home maintenance professional to assess for dry rot damage.

The Caulk is Separating

Your exterior is due for a repainting if the caulk between wood or brick and the windows has separated. Because the caulk has lost its elasticity, you’ll need a new specialty caulk and a repainted exterior, too.

The Paint Shows Wear or Is Fading

Wear naturally happens to paint over time and often presents itself as cracking, peeling, or bubbling. Exterior wall paint that exhibits these symptoms could also mean dry rot or mold has occurred, so make sure neither are the culprit before you repaint. Regardless of the cause, you should not ignore paint that cracks, peels, or bubbles. Fading paint is another sign that your exterior should be repainted, and it makes the exterior look outdated and gloomy.

You’re Planning on Selling Your Home

You want to leave a stellar first impression on potential buyers with all facets of your home, and that includes the paint. Newer paint could be the difference between attracting a buyer and them passing up on your home.

If you’ve noticed signs you need an exterior paint job, turn to Bear Mountain Custom Painting. We serve Cumming, GA, and all surrounding North Atlanta communities – contact our exterior painters in Alpharetta today.