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When Is It Time For New Doors in Johns Creek?

In general, homeowners may need to replace their doors every 15-20 years. Doors may not need to be replaced quite as often depending on the material.

But if you purchased your home over ten years ago, you may start to notice that your weather stripping and wood finishes are beginning to fail. Door design and function has come a long way in the past decade, and you may need an update.

Here is a general overview of defects that may necessitate door and window replacement – if you aren’t sure, please give us a call.

When the Seal Weakens and Fails

Over time, the seals around your doors may begin to fail. If you feel a breeze when doors are closed, it could be due to faulty seals, poor installation, or simple wear and tear over time. Drafty doors can significantly increase your heating and cooling bills. Also, if your window gaskets (the rubber seals) were not installed properly, they will begin to fail even sooner.

Doors are Hard to Open and Close

Doors that catch, open on their own, or require pushing and pulling to latch shut may need to be replaced. These problems are most commonly caused by warping, which is simply a side effect of living in Georgia’s humid climate. Damage to your frames may also be causing performance issues.

Is Condensation Building Up Between Window Layers in Your Door?

Most homeowners now have double or triple glazed door windows, but if the seals begin to fail, or if the sealing was improperly installed, you may see moisture between the panes. Obviously, if you see frost inside your window during the colder months, you should replace the window.

Our door replacement contractors in Johns Creek pay extreme attention to detail, and you can expect the window gaskets we install to last for many years.

General Wear and Tear, or Outdated Designs

If your front door is scuffed or scratched (beyond what a paint job can hide), if you have a back door that is rotting, or if you simply don’t like your doors anymore, give us a call. We also have skilled carpenters who can help with various tims and other features

Door Installation and Replacement in Johns Creek, GA

Call our door replacement experts if you need help. We’ll assess the project, present material and design ideas, and send you a complimentary quote as soon as possible.

Front Door Replacement in Johns Creek

Front doors, often the first impression of your home, come in a variety of styles. Traditional doors are typically single, solid units, often decorated with panels or glass inserts. For a modern aesthetic, many homeowners opt for doors with clean lines, minimalist designs, and materials like steel or glass. We can also paint a wooden or composite door any color your like.

French Door Installation in Johns Creek

French doors, characterized by their double-door configuration and glass panes extending for most of their length, are a classic choice that add elegance and allow plenty of natural light. They’re ideal for interior rooms like home offices or as entryways to outdoor spaces like patios or gardens.

Deck and Patio Door Replacement in Johns Creek

Deck or patio doors need to be functional but also provide a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Sliding glass doors are popular for this purpose, offering wide views and easy operation. Alternatively, bi-fold or accordion-style doors can create a large, unobstructed opening, perfect for entertaining.

Other Doors We Can Install in Your Home

Pocket doors, which slide into a compartment in the wall, are excellent for areas where space is limited, such as small bathrooms or closets.

Barn doors, hung from a track above the door opening, slide sideways to open and close. They add a rustic touch and are suitable for larger openings within the home.

Dutch doors, split horizontally in the middle, allow the top and bottom to open independently, perfect for keeping pets or children inside while letting in fresh air.

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