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Our Painting Contractors in Silver City Handle Exteriors and Interiors

Exterior House Painting in Silver City

We can handle wood siding, fiber cement, masonry, and other home exteriors – give us a call if you’d like more information.

Wood Siding Painting in Silver City

Every exterior requires a different strategy and approach. The adhesion, durability, and overall success of the paint job depends on how the material will react to the paint. Wood in particular is susceptible to rotting, absorbing moisture, and pests, and to overcome the challenges posed by wood siding, careful preparation may become necessary. We clean the wood thoroughly, repair damaged sections, and use a high-quality primer that keeps tannins from bleeding through. We also use high quality paints that won’t fade in the sun or due to moisture.

Brick and Stone Exterior Painting

Rough and porous in nature, brick and stone siding pose their own obstacles, which can result in accidentally applying the paint unevenly. Efflorescence, the migration of salts to the surface, adds another difficulty. We will clean the exterior of your home carefully, make sure the surface is smooth, apply a high end masonry primer, and use a breathable elastomeric paint that will last for years.

We are also the local limewash experts. Limewash is a mixture of natural lime, water and pigments, and it adds significant charm to your brick, stone, or cement siding. When this mixture is applied to the porous surfaces of brick and plaster, it creates a breathable, matte finish. 

Painting Stucco Exteriors

Stucco exteriors are visually appealing, but they often develop cracks due to settling. These cracks should be addressed and taken care of before painting takes place. Stucco is highly absorbent and requires effective sealing with a premium primer. A good primer will help avoid issues regarding moisture and paint adhesion. The use of elastomeric paints is recommended because it provides flexibility that minimizes the risk of cracking, thus ensuring a long-lasting finish for a unique surface.

Vinyl Surface Painting in Silver City

Vinyl siding poses a difficulty due to its smooth surface. Vinyl siding is so smooth that it is hard to get good adhesion for the paint. Furthermore, vinyl expands and contracts with temperature changes, and these fluctuations pose a risk to the long-term durability of the paint. To tackle these challenges, thorough cleaning is needed, and specialized primers for smooth surfaces should be employed. To minimize the absorption of heat, use paint colors that are close to the original color of the siding. Elastomeric paints can withstand the flexible nature of vinyl siding, ensuring a lasting finish.

Fiber Cement and Metal Home Exteriors

Fiber cement exteriors, while resistant to many issues, can face challenges such as moisture-related swelling and warping. Concerns regarding the proper installation of cement siding and moisture issues must be taken into consideration before installing the siding. Cleaning this cement siding thoroughly and using high-quality primers is important to ensure the best results for painting this type of surface. To reduce potential issues regarding flexibility and moisture, use acrylic latex paints for a durable and visually pleasing finish.

Metal exteriors require meticulous preparation because they are so prone to rust and corrosion. Before applying primer, use a wire brush or sandpaper to remove as much rust as possible. After removing as much rust as possible, apply a layer of rust-inhibiting primer. High-quality exterior metal paint provides protection against corrosion and UV rays. 

Interior House Painting in Silver City, GA

As is evident in the trims, crown moldings, and staircases we paint, attention to detail is the focus of Bear Mountain Custom Painting. We can help out with a single room, paint the entire interior of your home, touch up your kitchen cabinets, and more. We also take care to cover carpets and windows, and we won’t damage your home in any way.

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