When it comes to gutter installation in Alpharetta, Bear Mountain Exterior Solutions has you covered. Our gutter replacement and repair contractors have been keeping the water flowing away from homes in North GA for over two decades.

Properly installed and maintained gutters protect foundations and siding. Water is the biggest offender when it comes to degrading home exteriors. Gutters do the hard work of directing it away from the house.

Improperly installed, or poorly maintained gutters can cause siding damage, eat away at foundations, and rot fascia boards. 

When Is It Time to Replace or Repair Your Gutters?

Beyond obvious leaks at corners and seams, customers come to us when they notice one of the following:

1. Peeling paint. If only one section of your exterior has paint that is peeling off, then you might have a leaky gutter above.  

2. Mildew. Overflowing or leaky gutters will send water to the ground near the foundation. That water will create mud that splashes against the house, eventually allowing mildew to grow on the organic material. 

3. Pulling away. Over time the fasteners, or spikes, that connect the gutter to the fascia board can loosen and come detached. Since they no longer hold the gutter up, water begins to spill over the edge. You can pound the spikes in for temporary support, but this won’t last long. There may be rotten fascia boards underneath that need help.

4. Overflow. Your gutters should be able to handle even the biggest downpours. If you notice water spilling over the edge, the gutters may not be pitched correctly. Too much pitch will send water spilling over the ends. Too little won’t send it away fast enough.

5. Eroded soil. You shouldn’t see tiny little trenches on the ground under gutters. That could indicate water isn’t flowing correctly.

We Install Gutters in Alpharetta That Will Last

At Bear Mountain, we recognize the importance of installing a quality gutter system that is well-designed.

There are 4 main choices:

    • We form most of our seamless gutters onsite out of seamless aluminum. Aluminum is strong, lightweight, and rust-resistant. It comes in multiple colors to compliment your home.
    • Steel gutters are a step up in terms of durability if you live near falling branches. 
    • For discerning homeowners with classic homes, we offer copper gutters that never need painting and age to a light green patina. 
    • Vinyl gutters are the budget option. We don’t recommend these due to how easily they can be damaged. However, they are much cheaper than the others and have the advantage of not rusting.

We are also happy to install a gutter system that guards against leaves and other tree debris. If you live near trees that drop their leaves or pine needles, then these can save a tremendous amount of labor and keep you off the ladder every fall.

Respectful, Experienced Gutter Contractors in Alpharetta

The contractors at Bear Mountain Exterior Solutions take every job seriously, and your gutters are no exception. We have decades of experience working with various types of gutter systems in the Alpharetta, GA area, and whether you want copper gutter or a LeafGuard® system put in place, we will make it happen. We won’t ruin your flower beds and windows, and we always clean up after ourselves. We would be happy to take a look at your project and provide a timely and reasonable estimate.

How Our Gutter Installation Process Works

Here’s an overview of what it’s like to work with us:

1. When you contact us for a quote, we’ll gather as much info as possible. Do you have lots of trees nearby? What color is your home and your shutters? Do you have any particular place you need the drainage to occur? And so forth.

2. We will visit your home and assess the project by measuring the length of the exterior, inspecting fascia boards for rot, and check on the roof to see if any fasteners are pulling away from the home.

3. Shortly thereafter, we will provide a detailed proposal for you to review.

4. We are happy to follow up and answer any questions you may have.

5. Once the contract is agreed-upon, we’ll set and abide by a start date.

6. We will arrive on the start date with a small crew and prep your home and yard for the project:

    • Laying down landscape protection
    • Removing and hauling away old gutters
    • Repairing fascia boards
    • Delivering materials

7. Depending on the size of your home and the extent of the damage, the crew will likely be able to form and install new gutters the same day.

8. If your home is large and multi-storied, and you are getting guards installed, they may have to return for the second day of installation.

9. We also check our work and make sure the gutters look great, are graded perfectly, and are properly fastened to your home.

Plan Your Gutter Replacement in Alpharetta Today

When you are ready to get rid of those saggy, leaking gutters, call the company with almost two decades of experience in Alpharetta, GA. We’ve been in business since 2005, and we have collected hundreds of reviews from happy customers. Give us a call and let us provide a reasonable estimate for your gutter project.