Bear Mountain Exterior Solutions has been one of Alpharetta’s premier porch, patio, and deck builders since 2005. We build long-lasting and enjoyable outdoor spaces for homeowners in North Georgia, and we would love to help improve your quality of life with a new deck or porch.

Decks and porches are great ways to extend your living space into the yard. But they need to be installed correctly to be safe and last a long time.

When you are ready to replace a worn-out deck or install a brand-new one, we’re here to help.


When It’s Time for a New Deck or Porch

If any of these 5 things exist with your deck, give us a call.

1. Movement. Decks and porches should feel as solid as any floor on the interior of your home. If you feel bounciness or wobbly boards it indicates that something is wrong. It may be that supports under the deck are insufficient or that the boards are insufficiently attached.

2. Warping. Warped deck boards mean the wood has been exposed to moisture and is beginning to decay. This can be an indication of rot under the deck as well.

3. Posts in soil. Your deck should be supported by wooden posts anchored to concrete pilings that are above the soil line. Keeping the posts out of the soil drastically increases their lifespan. If your deck is supported by posts that are inserted directly in the soil, they may be subject to rotting. Inspect carefully.

4. Shaky railings. If your deck is high off the ground, it is crucial that the railings be firmly attached to the deck itself. If there is any movement when exerting force, it’s time to call Bear Mountain to see if there are other problems.

5. Improperly installed ledger board. Since the ledger board connects the deck to the house, it is critical that it is secured properly. The more weight the deck holds, the stronger the connection needs to be. Bear Mountain can inspect for this if you plan on hosting large groups of people, or the deck is on an upper story.


Stylish Decks & Porches That Support & Endure

At Bear Mountain, we recognize the importance of using sturdy, rot-resistant materials to keep your porch and deck in good condition.

Firstly, we use durable and high quality footings on every project. We attach pressure-treated posts to Simpson Ties/Anchors to keep the wood away from the soil, pests, and moisture. To connect the decks to the home we use zinc-coated lag bolts.

Deck boards can be either natural wood or composite materials. If you choose to go with natural wood, we prefer locally sourced cedar for longevity and its ability to age gracefully. We also offer staining and weatherproofing.

Additionally, we partner with Trex as a trusted supplier of composite deck boards. These new materials have the look of wood while being impervious to insect and moisture damage. They come in numerous colors and last for many years.

Bear Mountain will work with you to design railing systems that offer protection for little ones and seating for guests.


Our Porch and Deck Builders in Alpharetta Respect Your Home and Time

Our primary concern is building an enjoyable and long-lasting outdoor space for you and your family, but we also want the experience to be as pleasant as possible. Our contractors are friendly, respectful, and won’t damage your property in any way. We are responsive to any questions you may have, and we will always complete the project within a timely manner. If you have any questions about our work process, please get in touch!


From Quote to Install-How the Process Works

1. During our initial conversation, we’ll ask about the state of your current deck or porch, or if you need a new one installed. We will schedule a time when an associate can stop by your home and spec out the project.

2. We will visit the site and measure the area to be covered. If you already have a deck, he will inspect the boards, joists, and ledgers to see if anything can be salvaged. You will discuss options for design, materials, railings, and sizes that match your budget.

3. After we know what we are dealing with, we’ll send you an itemized proposal.

4. The same sales consultant will follow up with a phone call to answer any questions and give clarification. If you are happy with the details, the consultant will come to pick up a signed contract.

5. We will agree on a start date.

6. On the first day, we will begin prepping the home. This may or may not involve:


      • Removing old decking

      • Grading soil

    • Delivering materials


7. After materials are on site, concrete supports are poured, and ledgers are secured.

8. The crew returns the next day after the concrete is cured and sets support posts. From here your deck begins to take shape. Joists are positioned onto posts and framed in. This step can be 1-3 days depending on the deck size.

9. On Day 4 or 5, deck boards are laid down and fastened and the railing is attached.

10. Once the final boards are set, a Project Manager will do a walk-through of the deck with you, pointing out ledger boards, supports, and attachment points. We’re not done until you’re happy.


Contact Alpharetta’s Leading Deck, Patio and Porch Contractors

When you are ready to get rid of your old, creaky deck or install a new one, call Bear Mountain Exterior Solutions. We have been in business since 2005 for a reason, and we would love to help you increase the value of your home. Give us a call today for a free estimate.