Whether you are looking for siding replacement, repair or installation, our siding contractors in Alpharetta, GA will help improve your home’s value and your quality of life. Siding is your home’s last line of defense against the elements, and it can also make or break the resale value of your house. From keeping your HVAC costs in check to increasing your home’s curb appeal, siding is an integral part of your home’s value.

Why Work With Our Siding Contractors?

Decades of Experience in North GA

Bear Mountain is a licensed and insured contractor that has served the greater Alpharetta area since 2005. We have hundreds of five star reviews from happy customers, and our reputation in the industry speaks for itself. We’ve replaced siding on craftsman homes, stately Victorians, contemporary dwellings, and more, and it’s safe to say that we have seen it all. We’ve worked with enough homeowners to help you choose the right siding quickly, and we can provide quick and accurate quotes on each project.

We Care About Each Detail Related To Your Siding

Firstly, we work with high quality products and tools. The siding we install won’t warp, crack, melt or fade in the sun, and we care about the underlayment and weather resistive barrier as much as the siding itself. From the flashing to trim and paint, you will enjoy the professional craftsmanship of our siding contractors.

We Work With Our Clients – It’s Your Home

We consider ourselves to be partners with homeowners in North Georgia, and that is reflected in everything we do. We don’t talk down to our clients or act like we always know better than they do.

We will discuss your needs with you in great detail, and we will provide recommendations based on your budget, functional needs and aesthetic preferences. We are always honest about the cost and lifespan of different siding materials, and our job is not complete until you are fully satisfied with the siding project.

Standard Lap Siding Installation in Alpharetta

Horizontal siding, or “lap” siding, is the most common way to clad a home in North Georgia. Installation is fairly straightforward, and it is usually the most cost-effective way to install siding. We often follow a homeowner’s request to use clapboard siding – this is the standard shape you will see with a thin top that tapers towards a thicker bottom. This helps each piece fit perfectly and defends against rain penetration.

A slightly more decorative option would be beaded lap siding. Many cape cod or colonial homes use this style, and it functions like clapboard siding. The difference lies in the bottom of each strip; there is a “bead,” or rounded edge, that adds a nice visual effect.

Shiplap siding is similar to clapboard siding, but it is slightly different. Installers use rabbet grooves to fit the panels tightly together, and this flattens the look of the siding. Where clapboard siding has a greater shadowing effect from the taper, clapboard is much more minimal and flat.

We would be happy to talk through different types of lap siding with you – give us a call!

Vertical Siding Contractors in Alpharetta, GA

You may have noticed an increase in dramatic farmhouses, Arts and Crafts, or modernist homes in the Alpharetta area, and vertical siding is inextricably linked to these designs. Vertical siding works especially well with homes that have a gable roof, although you will also see Dutch gable and hip roofs that work nicely with vertical siding.


Most commonly, the vertical look is achieved through board and batten siding. The foundation of board and batten siding is a large wood panel, and we then place strips of wood trim vertically on the seams of those panels. We can make the board and batten siding as wide as you’d like, and we can also finish it with brick or stone veneer – although a metal look, or a wood lookalike from fiber center, is more common.

We Can Be Creative With Panels or Shakes Instead of Standard Siding

We love clean, traditional siding installations, but we can also help you create a unique look for your home. From panels to shakes and wood shingle accents, we can present you with different options.

Wood shakes are a common accent for craftsman bungalows and cape cod style homes, but we are seeing more and more Victorians and other architectural styles using shakes. You can either use the shakes as an accent in addition to horizontal lap siding, or you can clad your entire home with shingles. Many homeowners use cedar shakes for their rustic appeal. They function well for many years, but you may need to be aware of maintenance needs every three years or so. Fiber cement is a great way to avoid bugs and rot, since they beautifully replicate the look of wood without using actual wood material.

Fiber cement (recommended over vinyl) panels are gaining popularity as a siding material on contemporary or ultra-modern homes. You can use a single color, like black, brown, or charcoal, or you can accent the look of your home with orange or red. We can help you see a visual representation before we place the panels on your home. If you own a modernist home, you may want to consider pairing panels with other modern materials, like aluminum longboard siding.

Our Siding Installers in Alpharetta Can Use Many Different Materials

Should You Use Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding and vinyl shakes are the most cost-effective materials for homeowners, and they are easy to install. However, they do look like a low-tier product, and they may become faded, cracked, or stained relatively quickly.

Fiber Cement Siding Installation in Alpharetta

Fiber cement siding was pioneered by James Hardie, and we can now source many kinds of fiber cement siding from Nichiha, Allura and numerous other brands. Fiber cement is on the lower end of the pricing spectrum (starting at $12 per square foot), and you can select finishes that look like metal, wood, clay, and other finishes. The diversity of finishes, standard installation, and durability makes this a very common choice.

We Can Work With Real Wood

Genuine wood siding has its challenges, but our siding contractors are more than capable of fitting and installing a high end wood siding on your home. If you have a high budget and want the siding to last for over a century, consider Brazilian teak or Accoya wood. They are high end exotic options that look as stunning as they are durable. More commonly, we install cedar, redwood, or pine. We can treat this wood siding and stain it so that it lasts for many years, and we can paint it however you would like.

Brick or Stone Siding (Or Choose a Veneer)

We can show you samples of beautiful genuine stone or brick siding, and we can talk through the cost of the materials and installation in our complimentary meeting. These siding options can add a timeless look to your home, and it will always increase the value of your house. We can also discuss brick and stone veneer with you. These are affordable strips of imitation stone and brick products, and they are both affordable and durable.


From metal siding to fiber cement and other options, please get in touch. We would love to present samples and provide a complimentary quote.

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