Questions To Ask Your Carpenter Before Starting a Project

Whether you’re sampling paint, idly using Pinterest for renovation inspiration, or picking out floor tiles for the bathroom, you should communicate every change and question to your carpenter. Take every chance you get to talk to your carpenter and ask them important questions, especially before starting a project.

Is There a Team That Comes Daily?

Not every home remodel is going to be the same. There may not be a massive team of builders renovating your house, and you may not have a roofer or a painter, but you likely will have a carpenter who builds the right team for you.

As such, you’re going to have a certain number of workers working on the project each day. During the day, you may hear someone refer to a staff member as the superintendent. This title describes the person in charge of hiring and operations. Before starting, ask about the remodeling team and get to know them so that you can put a face to each name.

What Will the Schedule Look Like?

Your renovation schedule is up to you and your contractor. The contractor will always plan their schedule around yours, especially if they’re working on another development. You should have an idea of a set schedule during the planning phase.

During the development phase, you’re going to discuss the room you plan to work on. The timing will all depend on the space. For instance, a kitchen remodel could need a month or more and will likely render the space inoperable during that time. Therefore, it’s important to ask what areas the crew plans to work on each day and week.

What Protection Methods Do You Use in Renovation?

Every renovation project, no matter if it’s inside or outside, needs protection. A good safety method is to always use tarps and durable plastic to protect the construction area. Carpenters will survey an area, mark what obstacles are in the way, and find strategies to work around those areas.

If required, a carpenter may ask you to move things within the space or remove them entirely so that they can work safely and efficiently. Be mindful of the workers; as much as you want to redo your room quickly, you also need to give them the space to work.

Will I Have the Final Say in Decisions?

As the homeowner, you’re in charge of any final decisions. When working alongside Carpenters in Cumming, Georgia, you’ll communicate a lot. They will present you with many options, and you get to decide what happens next in the renovation process. This is one of the biggest questions you must ask your carpenter before starting a project.

As you work out the final details and decide what’s best for your home, you will have a carpenter from Bear Mountain Custom Painting on your side through it all. While renovating is fun, it’s also a process that involves communicating about what works for you. Our carpenters look forward to helping you; reach out for more information on our carpentry repair services.