The Top 4 Things To Fix When Renovating a Home

One thing you’ll have pre-planned before renovating a home is a list of the top things to fix. We cover four that you should consider and include in your to-do list. Review what you’ve written and decide what you want to do first.


Focusing on the floors first eliminates the chance of future problems and significantly helps visually improve a space. Whether you’re planning to resell or not, the floors are the first aspects visitors notice as they walk into your home.

First, remove your furniture, rugs, and anything else that sits on the floor. If you have carpeting, don’t rip it up unless you know for sure that you’re going to remove it.

Go ahead and examine the surface. For carpets, you’ll look for tears, discoloration, and water spots. As for flooring, warping, cracks, and creaks are signs you need to fix the floors.

Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the second best place to gather with friends and family. If you find that the cabinets are outdated or have loose knobs, cracks, or chipped paint, it may be time to fix the cabinets. The reason to focus on cabinets is that they’re relatively quick to change compared to other major elements in the house.

Check the doors for noises and wobbliness. If the doors appear crooked or lean, you need to readjust or switch them out. If you plan to do more than the kitchen cabinets, you should let your team of contractors know.

Hiring a team of home renovation contractors in Atlanta helps keep your list of things to fix during a home renovation organized.


Your walls are the other thing you can focus on first. From the dings to holes and discoloration, walls are easily repairable. All that’s necessary is caulk to fill gaps and cracks, a new primer to keep new coats of paint from absorbing moisture, and your favorite wall decorations.

If you decide to knock the walls down, you could do that instead to create an even better layout for your room. Knocking down walls opens the space and creates more spacious walkways between the kitchen and living room. Whatever you consider doing, you should talk with the contractor about your options.


When looking at your house’s exterior, you may notice warped sides, cracks, or holes. You should try to address these immediately to prevent further issues. The siding is a major thing to fix when renovating a home because it can affect its structure and look. The contracting team will inspect and change out any damaged areas.

Bear Mountain Custom Painting has contractors in Alpharetta and the surrounding areas that can help you complete your to-do list so that you can get the results you want. Contact us for more information on our contracting services for your home improvement.