Gutter Problems People Face in the Summer

Gutter Problems People Face in the Summer

Summer’s here, and so far, it has been hot—temperatures are high, beads of sweat continue to trickle down the sides of our face, and our gutters are experiencing the worst of these problems. If you missed that last part, read it over again. Your gutters need to be checked, and we have a list of gutter problems people face in the summer for you to look over.

Irritating Pest Nests in Gutters

Did you know that many rodents, birds, and reptiles may call your gutters home? Even though this might sound adorable to some, it could actually pose a great risk. This happens typically when bugs and other prey sneak into your gutters for warmth and shade. Check your gutters to see if you happen to have any unwelcome visitors in your home.

A Mold Garden

Mold is not suitable for you, and as long as it isn’t black mold, you can easily remove it yourself and inspect your area for any other mold-related problems it might have. Check your vents for any growing mold, and wherever it’s growing from, you could usually dilute the source or even kill it off entirely by dousing it with some mold remover. If there is an infestation, contact an Cumming, GA based gutter installation inspector to check for any surprise problems you might encounter.

Collected Leaves That Have Dried Out

During the summer, things tend to dry out faster. Thankfully, there is a solution to this, and dried leaves are pretty easy to remove. If you cannot remove them or simply allow them to build up, you will run the risk of the leaves potentially catching fire on a day when the temperature is particularly high. Clean your gutters regularly, and if you find that they are difficult to maintain yourself, contact Bear Mountain Custom Painting to help clear the leaves.

Damage Done by Weather

Weather damage happens to many homes, and we are here to help you understand which type of damage to look for. However, you may not realize that your gutters are a big part of your home that keeps water from seeping through and causing damage. If your gutters are clogged or otherwise unable to drain properly, they may leak and cause severe foundation and roof damage. Request a cleaning today.

Gutter issues are significant, but you can prevent them with the necessary tools to help you better inspect your home. And with this list of some of the most common gutter problems people face in the summer, you can put yourself in a better place to protect your home. Contact a professional gutter inspection service for a professional cleaning or inspection to help rid you of any problems.

How To Revamp Your Home With Organic Modern Style Décor

How To Revamp Your Home With Organic Modern Style Décor

The organic modern interior design style is one of the best this year. Its sleek combination of old and new creates a contemporary look that will tug on your heartstrings and never let go. If you are in search of a straightforward approach to the minimalist look, you need to keep reading to find out how to revamp your home with organic modern-style décor.

Those Walls Need To Be White

Start small with simple white walls. By choosing this option, you will invite positive energy and open yourself up to a gorgeous palette of white shades you never knew existed. From pale greys to creams and beiges, your eyes will never leave the sight of your walls after applying these paint colors in your home.

Let’s Go Natural

When adding to your new home style, it’s best to stick to natural materials. By that, we mean materials made from natural wood, rock, and other items that are not artificially made or combined with a harmful material. You can add bamboo coffee tables, a naturally-made granite countertop, and many other items to help figure out how to revamp your home with organic modern-style décor.

Add Some (Un)natural Shapes

Perfect lines and shapes don’t exist in nature. Mother Nature doesn’t use perfect forms in her art. To truly add to your home’s organic modern style, add recreations of natural things from the world into your home by painting walls of hills, rivers, and trees. You could even add different styles of nature-themed artwork to highlight the natural color of the walls.

Lush Up Your Space

Allow your senses to come alive with the feel and smell of nature’s favorite fragrance: plants. You won’t be ashamed of having these in your home.

Plants are a must-have for any home style that calls for natural materials and eco-friendly aesthetics. Any greenery will do, especially when it comes to succulents or large potted plants. Succulents would look darling on your windowsill or coffee table. Liven up your home by adding a touch of nature right at your fingertips.

A Minimal Space Is a Happy Place

Keep your home minimalistic. In nature, there is tons of space for more natural plants to grow and mountains to expand into the open sky. Treat your home like earth: only replace items when needed, don’t hoard things, and—most of all—eat clean.

If you are still struggling with maintaining a minimalist home, you can seek advice from friends and inquire about selling your items to someone who will want them. If you need more inspiration, look to Scandinavian style. They are pros at minimalism, and if they fear they might be cluttering things up, they quickly condense their piles of junk and get rid of the items they don’t need.

Find Homemade Items From Local Artists

Your home is a natural wonderland. Treat it as such. You will spend a little more on handmade items, but they will last much longer than items shipped from unknown places and factories around the world.

The best handcrafted decorations to use include macramé wall hangings, handmade wall art, and sculptures by local artists. Shop local, and you will see how quickly you are able to decorate your home with high-quality, long-lasting items.

The Organic Color Palette Is Better

Your color palette doesn’t just have to include neutral light tones; it can also share a side with neutral darks. This organic-colored palette is perfect for bedrooms and lounge areas. When using this type of palette, keep the walls all one color.

These subtle tones will give your room an airy feel and have you feeling uplifted at every moment of your day. If you are really looking to step out of the box and try something a bit bolder, experiment with other colors within the same family to give your home more of a reason to be the topic of every conversation. With Bear Mountain Custom Painting, you can get the best house painting jobs in Atlanta, GA; we provide excellent services to match any style you are after.

Comfort Is Required

Comfort is wanted and welcomed in all styles of homes. But for the modern organic style, comfort is required. With the organic style, you will find that comfort within a space of natural woods and a neutral color palette is as inviting as it is admirable. It offers a space of serenity and gives out the necessary feelings of joy and peace you long for in any home style.

Textures of Items Tie Everything Together

Even though your palette is limited, that doesn’t mean you have to stick with one texture. When it comes to textures, you are welcome to explore different décor and houseware options. In this realm, you will find chunky knit blankets, plush rugs, and much more when shopping under the organic modern style home décor. Just make sure you don’t choose colors that clash, and you will have an excellent simple house style that will be hard to beat.

Sleek Designs Stand Out

Not only do textures matter, but sleek materials are just as important. It’s a good thing we are dealing with the organic modern homestyle. Otherwise, we would be at a massive loss for words. With a sleek design in mind, look for sofas or chairs with smooth and thin legs, as heavier legs won’t look as attractive with your new home design look. Furniture with clean lines is proof that your furniture will flow well with the rest of the room.

Other things to look for in sleek designs are tables with thin legs. Choosing these items will give your room a polished look, plus it gives you a reason to brag about being a minimalist. This style is right for you if you’re looking to become a minimalist or simply appreciate sleek, clean lines.

The modern organic style is all about minimalism, which is another way to say that you should let go of the clutter. Let your home shine with a new style, and discover a reason to open your home with a fresh coat of paint and unique furniture pieces that make sense in your home. Do as Scandinavia does and not only go minimalistic but embody the entire ideal.

How To Revamp Your Home With Organic Modern Style Décor
How Heat and Humidity Can Affect Your Painting Project

How Heat and Humidity Can Affect Your Painting Project

No matter what type of paint you use on the interior or exterior of your home, the outdoor conditions will significantly affect the final outcome of your painting project. So, exactly how does heat and humidity affect paint? This blog will take a closer look at that question.

The Effects of Temperature on Painting

When it comes to how heat and humidity can affect your painting project, each element plays a crucial part in how your painting project will turn out. High temperatures are a considerable challenge to combat. The only benefit of heat is paint drying fast, but that is also a downfall, especially if you’re in direct sunlight.

During your paint job, you may notice lap marks, and this is caused by not watching a wet edge. The paint can also dry very fast from one single hand. If you want to avoid any chipping or peeling, paint a second layer to make the paint a little heavier and ensure it won’t chip as easily.

If you are in direct sunlight, the paint is at risk of a short lifespan. Depending on the side you are on, the sunlight can cause the outermost layer of paint to dry faster than the underlayer. The ultraviolet rays from the sun will create heat bubbles that burst and peel paint and may even cause burns. The color can also become bleached, which can make patches and repairs more difficult.

The Effects of Humidity on Painting

Humidity is another cause of terrible effects on painting projects. Humidity slows down painting times, and at times of extreme humidity, the paint might not hold well and may run before it has time to dry. This will also happen when you are painting metal.

Additionally, when moisture from the air condenses on a metal surface, it creates a moisture barrier between the surface and the paint. If the humidity is extremely high, hold off on painting for the day. There is also a chance your exterior paint may grow mildew if you paint under humid conditions, especially in areas with less sun exposure.

Preventing the Effects

There are some ways to help you learn how heat and humidity can affect your painting project and prevent the unwelcome effects of these conditions. You can seek licensed interior home painters in Cumming, Georgia from Bear Mountain Custom Painting for your interior painting professional needs. We can lay each painting job one by one by using the proper equipment to help prevent your paint project from peeling due to heat and humidity.

With the right tools and a plan in place, you can rest assured that you will be given the right protection from heat and humidity every time, no matter what the painting job is. By putting these steps into practice, you can take care of your painting jobs properly.

How Exterior Paint Colors Can Boost Your Home’s Value

How Exterior Paint Colors Can Boost Your Home’s Value

When the time comes to sell your home, its appearance can play a vital part in its ability to attract potential buyers. Whether a person is just shopping around or seriously considering a property in your area, your home’s style will be what first catches their eye. However, it’s not enough to make your home aesthetically pleasing. You also need to make sure you’re using the right color. This is how exterior paint colors can boost your home’s value and which ones often make the best choice.

Influences Curb Appeal

Firstly, color can greatly affect a home’s overall curb appeal. As previously stated, the nicer your home looks, the more likely a buyer is to become interested in it. As this demand increases, so does the marketable value of the property. So, if you want to maximize your profit when selling your house, picking a trendy color for the exterior is always a great place to start.

Matches a Home to the Neighborhood

Certain exterior paint colors can also boost your home’s value by making it fit better with the neighborhood style. Depending on where you live, the other houses on your street might have a select set of colors they use on their siding. Consistency is a very effective way of making a community look clean and polished—two appealing traits for home buyers. Because of this, when you choose something that fits in with your neighbors’ homes, this selection can also work to your benefit.

Can Protect From Potential Damage

Another important thing to mention is that some siding colors excel at hiding dirt, grime, and damage. Darker hues can effectively obscure accumulated dirt and filth, while lighter colors can help protect your home from fading throughout the years. So, the one that will work best for you might change based on your area’s weather patterns.

Boosting your home’s market value can call for lots of work. Fortunately, we at Bear Mountain Custom Painting specialize in everything you could ever need to make your home well worth the price. Our professional exterior house painters in Cumming, GA can complete your painting project quickly according to your schedule. We’ll also work with you to pick the perfect color. Furthermore, our team can handle a series of other home improvement projects, such as window and door replacements and even gutter repairs. So, by hiring us, this process is much more straightforward.

The Benefits of Letting More Light Into Your Home

The Benefits of Letting More Light Into Your Home

Whether it be a home’s layout or design, lighting is what ultimately pulls the entire look together. By simply making a room lighter, you can completely change how that space appears. Natural lighting, in particular, is good for a series of different things—for you and your property. These are some of the top benefits of letting more light into your home and how to best do so.

Increased Savings

First, more natural lighting in your home means less money you’ll need to spend on artificial lighting. With fewer nooks and corners to illuminate during the day, you won’t need to turn on your interior lights as often. This means you’re using lower amounts of electricity and significantly cutting your energy bills at the end of the month.

Better Personal Health

Natural light has also been known to have positive effects on a person’s health. A daily dose of sunlight can provide an individual with everything their body needs to produce vitamin D. As the material responsible for maintaining strong bones and organs, this is a vital component to keeping you healthy long-term. Natural light can even help improve your mood.

Higher Focus and Productivity

Another benefit of letting more light into your home is that you experience a higher level of focus and, therefore, can be more productive throughout the day. Since the sun’s UV rays are also responsible for producing vitamin B in the body, it can spur the generation of additional energy as well. This can give you the second wind you needed to charge through a few extra chores or tackle a bit more work.

Lusher Greenery

But more light isn’t just good for you; it’s great for any plants you have scattered about too. Plants are a wonderful addition to a home—both for design and relaxation purposes. Some types of greenery are particularly sensitive to the sun and require more light in order to thrive. So, installing new windows to let in more light can have a large impact on your ability to keep certain flowers or ferns alive.

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate more natural lighting into your home’s design, reach out to Bear Mountain Custom Painting. As professionals that specialize in window replacement in Cumming GA, we’re confident that we can find you models that grant this very wish. We’ll also work with you to ensure that this project is completed on your schedule with as little possible interference to your lifestyle.