Gutter Problems People Face in the Summer

Summer’s here, and so far, it has been hot—temperatures are high, beads of sweat continue to trickle down the sides of our face, and our gutters are experiencing the worst of these problems. If you missed that last part, read it over again. Your gutters need to be checked, and we have a list of gutter problems people face in the summer for you to look over.

Irritating Pest Nests in Gutters

Did you know that many rodents, birds, and reptiles may call your gutters home? Even though this might sound adorable to some, it could actually pose a great risk. This happens typically when bugs and other prey sneak into your gutters for warmth and shade. Check your gutters to see if you happen to have any unwelcome visitors in your home.

A Mold Garden

Mold is not suitable for you, and as long as it isn’t black mold, you can easily remove it yourself and inspect your area for any other mold-related problems it might have. Check your vents for any growing mold, and wherever it’s growing from, you could usually dilute the source or even kill it off entirely by dousing it with some mold remover. If there is an infestation, contact an Cumming, GA based gutter installation inspector to check for any surprise problems you might encounter.

Collected Leaves That Have Dried Out

During the summer, things tend to dry out faster. Thankfully, there is a solution to this, and dried leaves are pretty easy to remove. If you cannot remove them or simply allow them to build up, you will run the risk of the leaves potentially catching fire on a day when the temperature is particularly high. Clean your gutters regularly, and if you find that they are difficult to maintain yourself, contact Bear Mountain Custom Painting to help clear the leaves.

Damage Done by Weather

Weather damage happens to many homes, and we are here to help you understand which type of damage to look for. However, you may not realize that your gutters are a big part of your home that keeps water from seeping through and causing damage. If your gutters are clogged or otherwise unable to drain properly, they may leak and cause severe foundation and roof damage. Request a cleaning today.

Gutter issues are significant, but you can prevent them with the necessary tools to help you better inspect your home. And with this list of some of the most common gutter problems people face in the summer, you can put yourself in a better place to protect your home. Contact a professional gutter inspection service for a professional cleaning or inspection to help rid you of any problems.