When To Know if It’s Time Replace Your Siding

A home doesn’t need to be pristine every day, but it’s on you to keep it well-maintained. You do not want your home to suffer from common issues, including internal problems. If you haven’t checked the exterior walls in a while, it might be time to replace your siding. If you avoid these vital signs, you may have more problems to face later. So, do what you can right now to enhance your home’s exterior space.  If you need help with siding replacement in Cumming, GA, we can offer you a complimentary quote right away.

1. Your Siding’s Faded

A faded siding is the first thing that tells you your outside walls need updating. People with faded siding must repaint their walls often. If you rush through the job, you might not use primer or finisher. However, you need primer and finisher to prevent damage.

Check your siding by feeling the walls. If the paint flakes off or you see many chips, you need to call a professional who can put in new siding. They will apply the right products to extend the life of your sides.

2. A Mold Problem Has Started

If there’s no barrier protection applied to the siding, you risk moisture and dampness locking onto the material. When siding is too damp, it creates breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. The bacteria grow a fungus that leaches its way through the sides and into the house. Our Alpharetta house painters often catch mold in a client’s siding and recommend replacement.

How To Know You Have Mold

Mold appears in the dark, damp corners of basements, but they also appear on the exterior of homes, generally behind hanging vines and other dark corners. The first way to tell you to have siding mold is the appearance of it. Mold looks slimy, fuzzy, and usually appears dark green or bright red.

The other places you find mold outside are:

  • On your deck.
  • On the side of pools.
  • In your landscaping and on your plants.

Prevent continuous mold growth by identifying the mold early on with weekly inspections. You can tell mold has begun growing if you discover material that appears green or yellow and has a slight smell. If you catch it early enough, it’s easy to remove. Once it’s cleaned up, take safety measures, such as:

  1. Clean off moss or hanging vines that cover parts of the house.
  2. Perform weekly inspections of your siding and fix damages immediately.
  3. Hire a professional cleaning service.

3. The Interior Paint Is Peeling

When siding is damaged, it can actually create problems inside the house, such as peeling wall paint. It sounds like it doesn’t make sense, but when the siding’s damaged enough, it cannot keep heat and humidity out of the house.

When heat and humidity slip through the damaged exterior walls, it’s absorbed into the inner walls, creating damp areas that weaken the paint’s integrity. The interior should never be affected by mold; this is the next sign to inspect your siding and make repairs. We recommend that you keep your siding up to date — otherwise you’ll be placing a call to our house painters in Cumming, GA as well as our siding experts.

4. Your Home Listing Isn’t Impressive

If you’re ready to move, there are obviously things you need to do first. These include renovations, cleaning up the house, fixing things, and removing your personal items. While those things are fine, the one thing that turns any listing off is bad siding.

If you’ve noticed that the home listing you posted isn’t getting good hits, there’s likely something wrong with the home’s exterior. Although there are many things you could check on your own, a home inspector can do a thorough job of the exterior and provide a list of things to improve.

As you make the enhancements to your home, hire a professional to do some siding repairs to improve your home’s appearance and get prospective buyers interested in your listing. A home’s appearance matters more than the enhancements you’ve added.

Other things to do to enhance your home include:

5. The Siding’s Damaged

If you’ve damaged your siding, it’s best to get it fixed right away. Without the proper fixing, you risk the home worsening over time. For example, the cracks become a passage for vermin to enter, and rotted siding invites mold growth.

Decrease the likelihood of vermin entering or mold ruining your home’s integrity by fixing these issues. Hiring a professional helps you learn how to care for your home better and when to know if it’s time to replace your siding.

Your siding may have also been damaged by:

  • An improper installation job
  • Storms and the elements
  • A cheap material choice
  • Your climate

6. Strange Increase in Energy Bills

It’s essential to keep energy costs down. If you’ve noticed a steady increase in bills, there’s a chance your siding’s affecting the change.

As siding only lasts eight to 10 years, it’s best to update it with newer materials as soon as you notice it’s wearing. Replace your siding to decrease energy bills. With replacements, you’ll see a significant decrease in energy costs.

Here are other indicators that your home’s energy debts are increasing:

  • Your lightbulbs aren’t energy efficient.
  • The insulation’s not the best.
  • Your appliances are vampires—they suck up too much power.
  • You don’t control the amount of time you use energy.
  • Your home’s climate requires more energy consumption.

Why Hire Bear Mountain Custom Painting

Overall, finding a solution to your energy bill increase is draining. Sudden increases may be why your exterior siding isn’t performing well. On the other hand, your home’s paint could also be chipping inside the house because of damaged siding.

All of these indications are reasons to call Bear Mountain Custom Painting for an inspection and prompt installation. We’ll check for damages and provide advice on preventing future mishaps.

It’s essential to keep your home repaired and ready to live in or sell. We want to help bring your home back to life and in the best working order. At Bear Mountain Custom Painting, you will find licensed professionals with years of experience in siding installation in Alpharetta. For your next siding fitting or replacement service, give us a call! We can’t wait to service you and repair your house. We are also the leading house painters in Johns Creek, as well as the go-to painting contractors in Roswell, GA.

When To Know if It’s Time Replace Your Siding