4 Warning Signs Your Gutters Have Damage

Gutters are an immediate solution to draining water out of the area around your property to avoid flooding. Unfortunately, your property can sometimes still flood. But you may not see the typical indications of damage like broken foundation or siding. Such a situation is worse and more unique than usual. Find out the four distinctive warning signs your gutters have damage. 

Your Paint Is Peeling Off

The first sign you may not consider is peeling paint on your home’s interior. While you may have the best insulation to prevent water from seeping through the walls, it can still soak through and reach the interior. Whether inside or outside, if you notice the paint’s flaky and peeling, you need to check the gutters.

The Soil Has Eroded

The most typical indicator that your property is experiencing flooding is soil erosion. Dirt only absorbs so much water until it ends up getting carried away. In other words, when soil receives too much precipitation, it creates thinner ground. When soil is thin, you have a harder time planting and growing things. As a result, you have to replant and replace the dirt.

Soil erosion harms your yard and the home if enough is lying around the foundation. So don’t just change your soil and drain the water from the landscape; check your gutters as well to avoid further damage.

You Find Random Nails or Screws

Random nails and screws lying around your yard aren’t good signs. You need to reconfigure the gutter’s structure if it’s missing a few nuts and bolts. Sometimes, you may mount the system uniquely to the point that it works itself off its hinges. When that happens, you need to reinstall it.

If you find yourself reconfiguring the joints too often, you may need to bring in a home gutter installation specialist who can review the current work. After looking over everything, they’ll find the best ways to install the draining system precisely.

There’s a Large Gap

Sometimes, it’s the way you install a drain that creates problems. There should never be a gap between gutters. If there is, your home’s susceptible to damage. Replace the channels if you find holes between the roof and the spout.

It’s essential to learn all the warning signs your gutters have damage, including these four you may not immediately think of. Keep your home updated, and be aware of other indications that the downspouts need replacing.

Your home needs to be a place without major issues, but this isn’t always the case. Luckily, you have Bear Mountain Custom Painting to rely on. We take the time to get to know your situation and connect you with the right services to resolve your biggest concerns. Contact us for more insight on our gutter installation services and more.