Popular Window Styles You Should Consider Installing

It’s never too late to revamp one of the rooms in your house. If you’ve dreamed of updating your windows for a while, it’s time to sort through the popular window styles to find what works for you. Let’s take the time to learn about the designs you should consider installing in your home.

Peek Outside With an Awning Window

With similar mechanics to the casement window, the awning cranks open from the bottom, letting in more fresh air and deterring intruders from breaking in. Since the window opens from the bottom, you won’t need to worry about rain coming in and ruining the interior.

You can get more fresh air with these windows, but you’ll need to update the hardware frequently since the reeling system is prone to rust and breaking.

Let the Sunshine Spread Out With Sliders

The slider window is a popular style among modern homes, especially apartment complexes. These panes are cheaper to install and fit every home theme. They come in two types: a fixed design, where one pane doesn’t move, and the other side does, and a format that allows both panes to move.

While these windows work great, they don’t keep elements out well enough unless you install a screen onto the window. Since the windows use a tracking system, you’ll need to clean them more often.

Say “Hello” to the Glass Block Window

The glass block window’s fixed, meaning it can’t move up or down or side to side. Glass blocks add an extra layer of privacy in places like the bathroom, bedroom, or basement. Many homeowners use this style to help balance the amount of light and visibility. Since they’re opaque, these blocks obstruct unwanted views inside.

Although these blocks add privacy and are easy to install permanently, they don’t fit very well into most home styles. They don’t fit anywhere but the basement, bedroom, or bathroom because of their size and appearance.

Keep the World Turning With Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are a common style most homeowners turn to for inspiration. This pane includes two sashes that allow it to slide up and down. The window fits perfectly in any home style and any room, for that matter. Additionally, this window pairs well with the entryway, so plan to mount double-hung panes nearby while planning your door installation in Cumming, GA.

The downsides of the double-hung window include sash cords breaking from wear and tear. They’re also prone to break-ins, so the best advice is to get this window style with impact glass for a more secure frame. This popular window style is a great one to consider, but make sure you consider the pros and cons before installing.

It’s essential that your home looks impressive year-round and stays safe. Bear Mountain Custom Painting enhances the house with modern window styles every homeowner loves installing on their homes. Contact us for information and ideas on your next window installation or repair in Alpharetta, GA.