Painting Old Siding vs. Siding Replacement: Which Is Best?

You’ll need to do a lot of maintenance work to keep up your house’s appearance, including landscaping, fixing the kitchen, and repairing windows and doors. These elements certainly help keep the house looking sharp, but you also need to think about fixing up the siding. When it comes to painting old siding vs. siding replacement, which is best?

If There’s No Warranty, Replace It

First, if there was never a warranty offered for your siding, it’s better to have it replaced by professionals who will provide a guarantee. However, if you currently have exterior walls with a connected warranty, look over the restrictions before replacing or painting over old siding.

The Potential Cost of a Replacement or Painting

Most of the time, you want to base this decision on the cost of both services. A new installation will likely cost more than simply repainting. Painting the siding still adds more value to your home and saves money by not needing to replace everything.

Updating the Home’s Appearance

Hiring a painter might be the best approach if you need to make a sudden U-turn on your home’s curb appeal. By painting instead of replacing the siding, you give the house a fresh look and open the door for more ways to decorate your home. Contact a home exterior painting company for more ideas on repainting your home’s exterior

Aged and Damaged Siding Calls for Repairs

If you have found scratches, warped pieces of siding, and holes on your home’s exterior, you might be tempted to ignore them. However, covering them up with a splattering of paint certainly won’t help and will likely create more problems, such as inviting pests and causing mold growth. In this case, replacing the siding is the best choice.

Which Is the Best Choice for Your Home?

When deciding whether you should paint old siding or go through a siding replacement, you should ultimately base your choice on the following scenarios. If you need further information on the signs your home may need a siding replacement, look for these signs:

1. If your home has chipped paint, you need to repaint it.

2. If the problem worsens and you have warped siding, replace the wall panels.

3. If you need a new aesthetic, repainting is the better choice.

4. If your home is more than 20 years old, you need a siding replacement.

The right choice all depends on your needs. If you find that your home’s exterior is in despair, with mold growth and siding that’s falling apart, you should replace the siding. However, if you simply want to update your exterior, repainting may be the right option.

Your house needs to feel like a home. Contact Bear Mountain Custom Painting today for information on siding replacement or painting services. We’ll connect you to the right service and find the best solutions for you and your home.