For many homeowners, the charm of a solid painted wall might not be enough. With your wall as a blank canvas, you can add flair to your home with as little as a few wall decals. But before you do so, you must take the proper steps to protect your walls from potential damages. Use these wall decal application tips to help the process go smoothly.

Perform Any Necessary Repairs

While you may feel tempted to use wall decals to hide blemishes, you need to fix these imperfections before additional damage can occur. While your wall decal may be beautiful, the process of applying them can worsen preexisting issues. This will only make them more difficult to deal with later. If you fix these issues beforehand, you’ll have more freedom to arrange your décor.

Don’t Apply Over Wet Paint

If you recently painted your home, be sure to wait until it’s completely dry before you begin applying the artwork. Failing to do so can prevent the paint from drying evenly, resulting in dark spots and transference onto the decal you’re hanging. Since a wall can appear dry even though it’s not, homeowners should wait about two weeks before doing any more work on the surface.

Make Sure Walls Are Clean

Decorations that use adhesive, such as wall decals, often need a clean surface to cling to. Not cleaning your walls properly beforehand can deposit dirt and grime on the adhesive. This can cause your decals to deteriorate faster, fall off when you least expect it, and ultimately cause paint damage. For the best results, wipe down the wall with a dry cloth to remove any excess dirt.

Create a Layout Plan

Once you complete all these steps, you can begin planning out your wall’s design. If you establish a plan before you begin setting up, you can rest assured everything will have its own place and that the dimensions line up properly. During this process, be sure to measure each piece and designate specific places for them on your wall.

Before you start thinking about your wall design, ensure your paint job is up to the task. At Bear Mountain Custom Painting, we aim to provide your home with a strong coat of resistant paint that can hold up against any type of stress. Our house painters in Cumming, Georgia, know just what brands and colors to use to help your vision become a reality.