Winter is fast-approaching, and it can wreak havoc on your home if you don’t prepare. This is especially the case for your old and damaged windows. Though Georgia doesn’t experience winters as severe as most states do, it’s still vital that homeowners replace their windows when needed. Learn the signs it’s time to replace your windows to keep your home energy efficient and beautiful.

Condensation or Frost Buildup

While not all condensation is bad for your windows, it’s important that you closely monitoring vapor locations. When window panes become damaged or shift out of the frames, moisture can start to rest between the layers of glass. Over time, this can lead to mold growth and cause the windows to leak when it rains.

Noticeable Drafts or Leaks

If you have a compromised window seal, you might also notice a draft when sitting near them. This is a sign that your windows aren’t locking the elements out the way that they should be. As a result, you could experience higher energy bills, decaying window frames, and increased humidity in the affected rooms. Leaks are also a possibility when drafts are present, as water can make its way through a broken window seal.

High Energy Bills

Even if you don’t notice a draft near your windows, it doesn’t mean they’re free of damage. Small leaks can also put a precious amount of energy to waste, resulting in high energy bills and an increased risk for further damage. If you notice that your energy bills are getting higher, be sure to check the security of your windows before anything else.

Damage and Rot

Windows protect our homes from the outside world, so there are a series of conditions that can cause them to deteriorate. From severe storms to prolonged sun exposure, each of these occurrences can weaken the windows’ structure and make it susceptible to factors such as rot. Unfortunately, once the damage becomes visible to the naked eye, the problem is often too severe to fix without completely replacing the window.

At Bear Mountain Custom Painting, we know how essential it is to have strong windows going into the winter season. As such, our window replacement professionals in Cumming, Georgia, are ready to work around the clock to put your mind at ease.