Contrary to popular belief, it’s not too late in the year to think about repainting your home. Not only does a new layer of paint breathe new life into a home’s look, but it also further protects it from the harsh winter ahead. Learn a few of the important reasons to get your house painted before the holidays.

Protects Your Home from Rot

The increased presence of moisture that comes with winter snowfalls is one of the main causes of wood rot in susceptible homes. This rot can set in with little notice, and the winter conditions prevent us from properly treating the infection. It’s crucial that you take precautionary measures before the storms hit for this reason. A new coat of paint to your home can assist in blocking this excess moisture and reducing the likelihood that your home sustains rot.

Deters Pest Invaders

It’s during the early winter months that pests work hard to find shelter, and the place they find could very well be your home. Fortunately, paint products can be toxic to most insects and pests. It’s for this reason that they tend to avoid chewing it and prefer to target areas of your home where the paint is chipping. To keep them from infiltrating your home during the winter, thoroughly repaint your home to ensure they don’t have any entry points.

Creates a Seal Against the Cold

Paint is made with a binding agent that makes it stick to the wall, but it also keeps energy from passing through the painted surface. Freshly painted surfaces can seal in a home’s heat and cut the cost of your energy bill. This also supplies a home with a cozier atmosphere while the snow falls outdoors.

Freshens Up for Company

Since we tend to have most of our houseguests arrive during the holiday season, this time of year is the best opportunity to make your home look nice. Simply adding this new coat of paint will allow you to cover up all the stains, scratches, and scuffs it accrued over the past year. As a result, it makes your home appear revitalized and ready for visitors.

To get your home in the best shape possible for the holidays, reach out to Bear Mountain Custom Painting. Our skilled and professional home painting services in Atlanta can help you with every step of the painting process and find the best products to meet your vision.