As shocking as it may seem, many homeowners consider winter the perfect time to repaint the exterior of their home. With ample time spent within its walls, and plenty of opportunity to notice potential repairs, this season is actually one of the best for this project. While painting your home during the wither months seems unusual, it isn’t so unrealistic if you take steps to accommodate the weather. Utilize these tips for painting your home’s exterior in cold weather for successful results.

Don’t Forget Primer

Primer is an important component to any painting job, as it helps protect the paint from damage and helps it bond to the surface it’s applied to. This is why you must use a primer when painting your home in the winter. Fortunately, most modern paint products already have a primer mixed in—but you’ll want to make sure. If your paint doesn’t already have a primer, ensure you incorporate a bonding primer before applying it.

Use Cold Weather Paint

You’ll also want to ensure you obtain paint rated for colder temperatures if you’ll apply it outdoors in the winter. Doing so guarantees that the paint bonds correctly to the surface and that the harsh weather conditions will not damage it. Since many common house paints are only rated for more than 50 degrees, you might need to do a bit of research to find a brand that works well for the situation.

Monitor the Weather

Before beginning your exterior painting project, you must ensure the weather will cooperate. It’s not the best for you to paint with snow on the ground or temperatures below the paint’s minimum limit, as you risk incorrect drying and paint chipping. You’ll want to pick a few days where the temperature is at its highest. You should also plan each coat of paint to times of the day where the sun will shine directly on the home. This will assist the overall drying process and keep the surface temperature high enough to help the paint stick.

If you find yourself struggling with any of these steps, you can also reach out to a trusted professional painting service like Bear Mountain Custom Painting. It’s important to us that you have the resources to finish your painting project regardless of the time of year. That’s why our trained and experienced exterior painters in Cumming are here to answer all your questions and help you out.