When you prepare your nursery for a new arrival, you want it to be the perfect environment to raise and nurture them. This is why many expecting parents will go the extra mile to make their baby’s room one with personality as well as practicality. But painting has a lot of components that you’ll need to account for. It’s crucial that you utilize a few tips for painting your baby’s nursery to ensure the best, safest results.

Use Low VOC Paint

Though efforts have been made to make paint products less hazardous, they often still contain volatile organic compounds. These chemicals can have a negative effect on the human body when ingested or breathed, so you don’t want them anywhere near your baby. Fortunately, several types of low VOC paint have been released, making it possible to cut back on the amount of toxins in your nursery.

Protect Your Walls with a Finish

It’s no secret that children can be messy—that mess can begin to show itself on your walls. If you want to keep them clean and sanitary, make sure to use a paint finish you can easily wash. For many homeowners, eggshell offers the perfect option. It’s strong enough to hide scuffs and marks, but you can quickly clean it when spills occur.

Think About the Potential for Glare

A child’s developing eyes are very sensitive to excessive light, putting them at risk for potential damage if you don’t take care. Though the level of light may not harm you, it could be another matter entirely for your baby. It’s for this reason that when painting your nursery you should check the light reflectance value of the products you use to cut down on glare. Since nurseries need to be slightly dimmer, it’s recommended that you use a paint with a reflectance value of 60 or lower.

If the task of repainting your baby’s nursery has become too large of a job to handle on your own, remember that you can always call in reinforcements. At Bear Mountain Custom Painting, it’s our mission to provide you and your family with quality, professional interior painting services for your home Cumming. This could include everything from the kitchen cabinets and your living room walls to, of course, the nursery.