How To Paint Wood Siding – 4 Important Tips

If you keep up with your wood siding, it can last for years to come. However, if you don’t take care of the siding, such as applying paint, you can risk the possibility of your home’s age showing and the material cracking. Help improve the looks of your wood siding with these tips for painting wooden exterior siding. If you would like a complimentary quote from our siding installation contractors in Alpharetta, please give us a call.

Powerwash the Siding

Before you can start painting the sides of your house, you need to clear excess dirt or debris that has accumulated over time. While clearing out dirt and debris with a power washer, use a stiff-bristled brush to wipe away any complicated areas. To help remove dirt and debris faster, you can increase the water pressure, but not so high that it begins to damage your wooden siding. Our house painting contractors in Alpharetta always clean your wood siding and professionally prep the surface for painting.

Clear Out Loose Paint or Debris

There’s likely more debris on the siding, so to help remove that and any loose paint chips, use an electric sander or sanding block to help remove the pieces and debris. If you plan to use an electric sander, ensure you use firm pressure on the siding, so you don’t harm the surface of the wood. The electric sander and sanding stone can help smooth out edges that seem a tiny bit rough. By using either sander, you can eliminate splintered areas and remove loose wooden pieces that stick out.

Apply Primer Paint

Before the actual coat of paint can go on, you need to add a coat of primer to help prep and protect the wood sidings by keeping them saturated while you paint. While applying your primer, you might need to use it twice if the wood absorbs the paint too quickly. Our house painters in Woodstock recommend that you watch out for bare areas – you don’t want to leave any behind.

Fill Seams and Cracks With Caulk

It’s tricky to know what kind of caulk is appropriate to use for sealing gaps. When applying new exterior siding installations in Cumming, GA, it’s essential to contact a professional who can help give suitable recommendations on the type of caulk you need to fill in the cracks and seams of your wooden siding. The best type to get is an acrylic-based caulk that can line and shape and easily wipes away with a damp rag to even out the lines. Before painting, let the caulk rest for a few hours.

Our tips for painting wooden exterior siding are only part of our process to get you the correct information to know ahead of painting your exterior. Through Bear Mount Custom Painting, you’ll find a qualified painter who can guide you through the process of painting your exterior and the rest of your home, if you choose. From house painting in Westfield, GA to concrete coatings in Alpharetta, give us a call.