How To Tell If Your Gutters Are Clogged

If you have gutters, you should check that they aren’t clogged. If they are, that could lead to them potentially flooding your home and yard. When the drains become clogged, they won’t have the ability to dispense water away from your home. Instead of water draining correctly, it’ll pour from the sides, landing in areas that can cause foundation damage, structural issues, and even cause mold and mildew to grow in your basement. These issues cost a lot to fix, and homeowners end up having to pay thousands of dollars in damage. If you want to avoid these problems, read our guide on how to tell if your gutters are clogged.

There Are Birds or Pests by Your Roof

Birds and squirrels are adorable—but not if they’re nesting in your gutters. If you see any furry creatures scurrying down the drainpipes or bird nesting in the opening of your downpipes, you may have clogged troughs. It’s essential to remove the nests and pests from your gutters with the help of a certified professional. They’ll remove all animals and debris.

Water Spills Over the Sides

There might be a problem if water is splashing over the sides of your home. Any items that block water flow from drains can cause water to descend from the sides of your home. For instance, if your basement floods when it storms, that’s because of water spillage coming from your gutters. At Bear Mountain Custom Painting, we don’t want to see you do home gutter installation or inspections on your own. Cleaning gutters and installing new ones is a job that only professionals can take care of.

You Can’t Remember When You Last Cleaned

Remembering to clean your gutters can sometimes be a challenge. It often gets overlooked; homeowners assume gutter debris will fall away or drain out with the rain. That, unfortunately, is far from the truth. If you climb up a ladder now and see stockpiled rubbish from this past year, your gutters are severely clogged and need cleaning. Cleaning your gutters is something you should never overlook. Luckily, you can rely on Bear Mountain Custom Painting to do all of the wet and heavy work for you.

Gutters are extremely overlooked, and that’s because we believe nothing bad can happen to them. However, they’ll become clogged eventually—it’s inevitable. Before winter strikes, be sure clean out your gutters so you aren’t stuck fixing repairs in weather that’s below zero degrees. Instead of prolonging damage or improving gutter problems in the winter, call Bear Mountain Custom Painting. We’re happy to do all the work for you so your home—and its foundation—are protected.