What Happens When You Leave Rotted Wood Unaddressed

Dry rot is a type of dampness primarily found in aged homes and buildings. If left untreated, it can cause wooden structures to weaken and the building’s foundation will get disturbed. Normally, rotted wood is found in ignored areas and isn’t discovered until the damage from flooding or humidity makes it impossible to ignore. Here is more on what happens when you leave rotted wood unaddressed.

The Structure Gets Damaged

Many people ignore or dismiss rotted wood as nothing more than a sign of age. However, it shouldn’t be ignored. If rotted wood isn’t taken care of, permanent structural damage will happen. Your timber—or any other material in your home—will deteriorate and collapse. Buildings can fall apart if they have problems with rotten wood that don’t get taken care of immediately.

The Signs of Rotted Wood

Early signs that your wood has begun to rot include cracking, cotton-like fungus, and darkening and shrinking. The late signs that your wood is decayed—and it might be a sign the wood is unsalvageable— are continuous fungal growth, peeled wood pieces, and a musty smell. There is, however, a difference in rot. Rot can either be wet or dry. Read more about the two kinds below.

  • Dry rot affects timber and can cause wood to crack along its grain, which gives the wood a spongy, soft texture. Think of dry rot as a virus; it can live in walls and travel between enclosures to spread itself elsewhere.
  • Wet rot, on the other hand, doesn’t spread like a virus. Instead, the decay stays in one damp area, creates a pungent stench, and discolors the wood around it.

Both dry rot and wet rot can manifest in a home’s structure to the point of creating irreparable damage.

How To Fix Rotted Wood

Rotted wood can be taken care of (as long as the damage isn’t too extensive.)

Fix rotted wood by reaching out to a company with professional carpenters in Cumming, GA. The professionals will determine the best course of action. Bear Mountain Custom Painting can replace your rotted wood and even apply a protectant to help protect the wood from rotting. Don’t let your home’s structure suffer through moistened and weak foundations. Instead, get it replaced to help enhance the structure’s life.

In our guide on what happens when you leave rotted wood unaddressed, we reviewed how your structure gets damaged, the signs of rot, and what you can do to fix it. Bear Mountain Custom Painting provides outstanding services with mending your home’s structure by replacing rotted wood.