Trendy New Home Improvement Projects to Try This Fall

Fall is upon us, and unlike spring cleaning, we’re going to do some autumn renovating. To us, fall is more than leaves changing color; it’s about trendy new home improvement projects to try this fall. On a side note, you can accomplish these projects in one afternoon or on the weekend. But, if you need extra help, hire a professional contractor to do the tasks for you so that you’re ready for winter.

Clear Out the Gutters

Hearing you need help with a home improvement task is music to our ears. We enjoy nothing more than helping someone out with gutter inspections and cleaning. If you want clean gutters and resistance against foundation damage and flooding, you should clean your drains of debris. Also, you must remove any nests that rodents or other small animals have made in them. You can clear out your gutters in one afternoon.

Care For Your Roof

If you clean your gutters, you might as well have your roof checked for damages and any possible fixes. When you hire a roofing company, its professionals come out to inspect every nook and cranny. They’ll also fix any damages that they notice. If a roofing service can’t do a task, they usually recommend other specialized businesses that can complete that work for you.

Insulate Your Attic

Attic insulation is vital for winter, so why wait until December to do it? Right after you fix your roof, the next part to fix is the attic. Cold air can slip through cracks, causing the entire house to freeze. Free up some time this week to get a crew down to help put insulation in your home. Insulation traps warm air and can lower your monthly financial expenditures on energy.

Paint Your Exterior Walls

Painting is a relaxing activity to complete at any time of day, making fall the right time to get this task done. While the temperatures are comfortable outside, the paint won’t cause your siding to warp or chip. While you’re making decisions on paint colors, consider hiring a professional house painting service in Cumming, GA to do the job quickly so that they can give you the space to focus on other tasks to do throughout the season.

Prepare Your Fireplace

If you have a hearth in your home, you should have a professional chimney sweep check and clean it once a year. Otherwise, you risk soot accumulating on the flue, which can cause an inability for smoke to rise. With that in mind, get your chimney clean to have a warm room to come home to after you get off work.

Organize the Garage

Even though a garage is the last thing you’d think about cleaning, it’s important to have room to store lawnmowers, bikes, and even cars. However, if you have trouble organizing everything in the garage, consider purchasing storage containers and ceiling hooks to keep things tidy. For starters, if you have tools lying around, install a cabinet or get a workbench to help manage them. For other things like bikes, ensure that the hooks you purchase are sufficient to hold their weight. As for your car, keep the entire area where it parks clear. This way, you won’t risk running anything over, and you won’t accidentally hit anything while backing in or out.

Install Smart Home Upgrades

Nothing says trendy new home improvement projects to try this fall more than some smart home upgrades. Your home will have many jaws dropping and take the breath away from many guests when it has devices ranging from a smart thermostat to a self-cleaning stove. Start small when getting new home upgrades. Begin with a smart home thermostat and a security system. Before installation, ensure that the products work with your home correctly.

Upgrade Your Closet

Your closet becomes more cramped with all of those clothes piled in it. In this particular situation, you end up facing two options: declutter the space or upgrade it. We think you deserve a bigger closet. Knocking down a few walls can help make the closet feel expansive and more accommodating to your needs.

Replace Your Outdated Fixtures

Not many people like having outdated fixtures in their homes. A home can look aged if you don’t change its style now and then. To do this, consider switching out your light fixtures for new ones with refreshing designs. Go with a more neutral style and also think about eco-friendliness. However, if you’re looking to retain some of the home’s character, go with floor lamps while removing the ceiling lights.

Install an Elegant Wet Bar

You’ll need to add a special place for wine or other fancy drinks to incorporate more modernity into the home. A wet bar can be a perfect addition, especially if you want something sleek, easy to install, and chic. A simple installation in your closet can help make a dream of having a wet bar come true. Not only that, but you’ll have easy access to your favorite wine.

Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

You should update your porch often. Staying on top of this can help increase your property’s value if you’re looking to sell it. If you want to up your curb appeal game, consider painting your front door, replacing hardware, getting new street numbers, or changing your outdoor lighting fixtures. Additionally, don’t be afraid to dress your porch up a bit with fun fall decorations. Also, don’t forget to change your garage door if you’re looking for something new there.

Take Care of Your Lawn Maintenance

If the grass is tickling the back of your knees, it’s time to do some yard work. Upgrading your landscaping can help improve your curb appeal and make life more meaningful. To beautify the yard, consider adding plants and decorative rocks to bring visual variations to it and help it stand out. Also, make sure to rake up any leaves and throw them away correctly when taking care of your lawn.

Fall is the ideal time to carry out maintenance and improvements. Have your yard work and all of your home improvement projects completed through Bear Mountain Custom Painting. We can help make your dream home become a reality.

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