Common Winter Gutter Problems To Avoid

As rain showers give way to snowstorms, it is common for us as homeowners to begin overlooking our gutters. After all, there no longer seems to be any rain to redirect. However, these systems are still crucial in providing our homes with the proper amount of drainage and preventing costly water damage. These are some common winter gutter problems to avoid and how to mitigate their risk of occurring this season.

Clogged Piping

When snow and debris make their way down your gutter’s drainage pipes, they have the potential to freeze and completely clog the system. This prevents water from running through it, and your gutter could develop additional ice. Over time, the ice can continue to build—blocking off any avenue for water to drain and resulting in overflow. Remove any blockages before outdoor temperatures drop.

Downspout Damage

This same situation can cause your gutter’s downspout to burst. As snow and water freeze, they expand to fill the space containing them. As more and more ice collects in this area, the mass will continue to grow until the piping cannot hold it. This is when downspouts can start breaking open and become ineffective at directing water away from your home. To prevent this, inspect your downspouts regularly and clear away any blockages you see forming.

Ice Dams

Another common winter gutter problem to avoid is the development of ice dams. This is when snow from your roof melts and refreezes at the edge of your gutters. The ice often forms in large chunks that prevent water from entering the drainage canal. It becomes easier for overflow to occur and cause damage to your roof as well as your home’s foundation. Once again, preventing this issue ultimately involves keeping your gutters clear of debris.

Gutters do not only protect your home from rain. This is why, at Bear Mountain Custom Painting, we ensure that every home is properly prepared for the snow and ice on the way. Our home gutter installation contractors in Cumming, GA will work with you to repair or replace any sections that may cause you issues over the winter months.