Considerations When Choosing an Interior Paint Finish

There’s a lot of things to keep in mind when you’re deciding on new wall paint—such as what color it should be and what brand you should pick. However, one important thing people too often overlook is how they want the finished product to appear and perform. A paint’s finish dictates everything from how the paint will dry on the surface to how easy the surface is to clean. As such, not just any type of gloss or sheen will be successful in a home. Use these considerations when choosing an interior paint finish to ensure you pick the right product for you.

Amount of Natural Light

Lighting can affect the appearance of color within a space, and it’s crucial to note it can also change the effectiveness of a paint’s finish. High-gloss or shinier finishes will naturally reflect more light. Because of this, they tend to make a room appear brighter than you might want. Matte finishes, on the other hand, often absorb light, making rooms appear darker. Take some time to acknowledge how much light you currently get in the space and how bright you want it to be once you’ve painted it.

Average Room Traffic

The amount of traffic a room gets is also crucial to picking the right paint finish for that area. With more people walking through, there’s greater opportunity for the walls to get scuffed, nicked, and dirtied. These blemishes can be very noticeable on certain types of finish—matte is particularly susceptible to this—increasing the frequency at which you must clean the walls. As such, use something a bit more durable if you’re redesigning a busy room.

Desired Appearance and Style

Another vital consideration when you’re choosing an interior paint finish is your vision for the room’s appearance and style, whether that’s sleek and modern or rustic and traditional. Paint finishes offer the perfect complementary look and texture for the rest of your design. Carefully think about how you want the finished product to look and what tone you want the environment to establish. This will guarantee that you find something that works.

For additional help in choosing the right paint finish for your project, call Bear Mountain Custom Painting. Our team of professional residential painters in Atlanta is familiar with all the different variations of finishes, and they’ll work with you to determine the type that fits your needs. We also conduct color consultations to ensure you get what you want.