5 Common Culprits of Gutter Damage in Georgia

Summer is the time to inspect your home for any problems. Things like the roof, windows, and doors should go through an annual inspection—other areas like the draining system, foundation, and landscaping are worth examining often. Since we’re focusing on draining systems, let’s look at the five common culprits of gutter damage in Georgia.

Bad Insulation

When construction teams install a gutter, they must screw it in well to prevent water leaks. When perspiration leaks, it builds up on the roof and eventually leaks into the home’s interior. Bring in a specialist to look at the setup before mounting the spouts to your home.

Clogged Gutters

Crumbled-up leaves, makeshift nests, and dirt or grime can cause severe clogging, resulting in water overflow. Since the water can’t travel out from the top of your home, it spills out on the sides, eventually flooding the sides of your home. When the sides flood, the excess moisture creates foundation issues.

Meet with a gutter specialist or a roofer with experience in unclogging drains to unclog the pipes so that you have a way to drain excess water again.

Uneven Gutter Slopes

If you find your gutters still clog after routine cleaning, it’s possible that they’re uneven. The best way to check is by contacting a gutter specialist. The pros utilize the tools necessary to test the slope’s ability to run water. If the slopes have a slant, the expert can fix them for you.

Bad Installation

When installing your downspouts, you need to consider the size of your home. If your pipes don’t curve once they meet the bottom, or they don’t reach down at all, you will have severe flooding problems.

Bad installation even occurs with a dislodged or crooked joint. A crooked pipe can trap water and lead to draining issues.

Bad Weather

The weather’s unpredictable. You need to ensure the gutter system is secure when you’re anticipating a storm. Before installing the gutters, hire a professional to do the mounting. Ask questions so that you can learn how to clean and maintain your spouts properly between each heavy rain or snowstorm.

If you’re unsure how to properly install your gutter system, it’s OK to ask a professional Cumming, GA gutter installation contractor to come in and ensure the system looks right.

A homeowner needs to install a gutter correctly to ensure there aren’t further problems with draining. Keep these things that cause drain problems in your downspouts in mind when scheduling a gutter inspection and cleanout.

Trying to fix your gutters on your own can get messy. When you work with Bear Mountain Custom Painting, you’re in the best of hands. We diligently check the gutters and assist homeowners with installation. Keep us in mind for your next gutter maintenance check. We’re happy to help make your home a better place with fewer drainage problems.