How To Achieve the Modern Farmhouse Aesthetic in Your Home

You grew up learning a lot about your style and often wondered what it would look like on the inside of your dream house. You probably know many interior design styles. But today, you’re going to discover so much more about your house style, starting with learning how you can transform your home into a modern farmhouse. 

Paint the Walls With Neutral Tones

The starting point is the walls. The walls can tell visitors about your style—everything from the wall art to the colors. You should first go to the store to find sample swatches, then place them against your wall.

However, you want to avoid bright colors to achieve the farmhouse aesthetic. As much as you may love a bright kitchen, it will throw the entire theme off. Instead, stick with soft tones like beige, cream, gray, or lavender. If the color doesn’t go, then you need to try another.

Light tones brighten up a room without overwhelming others. Keep the colors simple, and see how quickly the farmhouse theme appears.

Add Dimension to Your Walls

You could paint or put up wall coverings. Whatever you choose, ensure that it fits the style, such as shiplap or beadboard. Beadboard and shiplap are two wood styles that add rustic charm due to their two-dimensional appearance.

Additionally, they work in every room of the house. However, if you desire only one room with one of the materials, consider placing beadboard in the bathroom and shiplap in the living room. Planks add a personal touch to every farmhouse-inspired home.

Have a Little Old Sprinkled With New

Rustic-style homes mean you have many ways to customize with old, vintage items and new appealing stuff. For example, a small wooden table can be perfect for adding to your kitchen, but one with a pop of color can send the rustic appeal into the modern age.

Also, get crafty with your windows. Many farmhouses have double-hung windows to pour in more natural light. For your dream farmhouse, hire an Cumming, GA window replacement contractor to put in your dream windows. Sprinkle your home with new amenities to enhance your home’s rustic style.

Hang Up Wire Baskets

In every craft store that you go to, you have seen many aisles filled with wire basket wall hangs—and they’re not even seasonal (most of the time)! Hang up black wicker baskets to make your home feel more rustic.

They’re convenient for increasing storage, and they become addictive. Moreover, wire baskets add a touch of southern charm even without a ton of decorative pieces. There’s so much you can add as you seek to achieve this aesthetic you never knew could be modern. The farmhouse style is one to try in your home.

At Bear Mountain Custom Painting, we can help you achieve anything. We love the farmhouse aesthetic as much as the next designer. Team up with our painting and window installation teams to design your version of the farmhouse aesthetic.