Why Gutter Repair Is Essential in the Spring

While having functional home gutters is a necessity, no matter what time of year it is, the spring season comes with its own set of needs for gutters. Prone to larger storms and longer periods of weather, these few months could be some of the most likely to bring about flooding. As such, it’s important that you know the part your gutters could play in keeping your home safe. This is why gutter repair is essential in the spring and the benefits this action can provide.

Prevents Pest Nesting Near Your Home

When the weather starts warming up, neighborhood pests officially come out of hibernation and begin building new nests. Unfortunately, this makes your gutters (and several other parts of your home) prime real estate. It’s common for squirrels and raccoons, specifically, to store building materials in your gutters—clogging them up and preventing them from draining properly. On the plus side, by staying on top of maintenance, you not only remove this debris but discourage these animals from coming back.

Eliminates Mold and Rust Growth

The harsh winter months can do a lot of damage to gutter systems, which makes them much more susceptible to things like rust and mold come springtime. Any broken parts will tend to rust as they’re exposed to the elements, and debris will often grow mold if left to sit in water for long periods. Because of this, proper maintenance and repairs will be vital to keeping these things from happening.

Keeps Them Functioning Properly

But the most important reason why gutter repair is essential in the spring is that it can improve your system’s overall functionality. As previously mentioned, spring is the season of heavy rain showers, meaning your home is at a higher risk of flooding than normal. However, if your gutters are working as they should be, this is much less of a concern since the water will be directed away from your home’s foundation. So, in order to ensure your home’s safety during this time of year, gutter maintenance is simply a beneficial thing to do.

At Bear Mountain Custom Painting, we understand how dangerous spring showers can be to the more susceptible areas of your home. This is why we want to ensure no residence goes without the necessary protection this year. Our gutter repair services in Cumming, GA, cover everything from part preplacement to full gutter system installation. As such, we consider ourselves one of the best resources for getting your home ready for warmer weather.