The Different Types of Window Damage

While windows are designed to form a seal and keep the outdoor elements from entering your home, they aren’t immune to damage. In fact, depending on your local weather conditions, or even how your windows were installed, they can be just as vulnerable as other parts of your property. When inspecting your windows for damaged, it’s important to know what to look for. These are the different types of window damage to make note of.

Wood Rot or Mold

When we think of rot or mold, it’s common to envision it along our home’s inner walls or in the basement. However, these growths are also known to form along any surface that collects moisture—such as your windows. During heavy storms or long damp spells, cheaply made wood frames can absorb the humidity in the air and trigger the development of harmful organisms. Over time, both mold and rot will eat away at the frames and weaken them beyond repair.

Broken Window Seal

Breached window seals are also a problem. This is because regardless of how reinforced the glass might be, it’s still prone to chipping under the right amount of force. When this happens, moisture enters and collects between the panes—creating additional problems with home energy efficiency and climate control. Seals can also be broken when your home shifts on its foundation.

Faulty Hardware

Another type of window damage to be aware of is malfunctioning hardware. As the components that allow us to lock our windows and freely adjust how they sit when open, these parts are essential to the functioning of the windows. However, they can become less effective with age and break after several years of consecutive use. In many cases, these moving parts can rust, making it increasingly difficult to move them how you want.

Expanding or Shrinking Frames

Your windows frames can even shrink or expand depending on your local temperatures. Cold climates will often lead them to contract, while warmth will cause them to get larger. This can prevent your windows from fitting correctly in their slots and create further issues with sealing and moisture. Unfortunately, this particular type of damage can be out of your control. So it’s best to be aware that it can happen.

Should you notice any of these forms of damage along your windows, it’s often easier to get them replaced rather than spend the money to fix them. As such, you want to hire professionals you can trust with the project. We at Bear Mountain Custom Painting specialize in window replacement in Cumming, GA along with several other home renovation tasks. Because of this, we’re confident in our expertise and know that we can get you the best results.