Ways To Prepare Your Deck for Springtime

With the temperatures quickly starting to rise, it’s apparent that spring is well on its way. This means it’s time to begin the process of deep cleaning your home and spending more time outdoors in the sun. But if you haven’t maintained your backyard deck space for this level of activity, you might soon find that it isn’t up to the task. Use these ways to prepare your deck for springtime to ensure it’s looking and performing its best.

Power Wash the Space

First, take some time to wash your deck’s boards and fencing thoroughly. After months of debris collecting on it and harsh weather patterns wreaking havoc, it’s common for decks to need a good cleaning to remove any harmful debris and reveals and potential damage that could lay underneath. One of the most effective ways to do this is by slowly going over the boards with a power washer. Sweeping will also help remove some loose surface particles.

Fix Any Rotten Areas

If washing brings some apparent signs of wood rot to the surface, you’ll also need to fix these issues for the season ahead. These forms of damage can weaken the structural integrity of the deck’s platform, putting you at risk of falling through the boards when you walk over them. As such, it’s definitely worth investing in hiring a carpentry professional to repair the afflicted sections.

Sand and Stain the Wood

Consider sanding and staining the wood, as well, before you officially start using your deck this spring. Cool, moist weather can have a splintering effect on wooden surfaces after a time. When this happens, a deck can start snagging your feet and even causing injuries. For this reason, it’s best to sand down all the boards thoroughly and repaint to protect them from additional harm.

Consider a Few Upgrades

Another way to prepare your deck for springtime is to give it a few functional or aesthetic upgrades. While very few of us think about installing upgrades on our decks, there are actually several useful and beautiful options to choose from. Some popular features include built-in benches for extra seating and flower boxes to integrate additional greenery.

If you need help bringing your outdoor deck area back to life after the less-active winter months, contact Bear Mountain Custom Painting. Our carpentry team will remove any rotten or damaged wood, while our deck painting services in Atlanta will give it a new look. We also specialize in wood staining, so if you can’t find a paint color you like, you can always go with a more natural sheen. Let us do the work so that you don’t have to this season.