Reasons To Hire a Professional To Remove a Popcorn Ceiling

If you’ve ever lived in an older home, the chances are high that you’ve had a popcorn ceiling. Characterized by their bumpy and rough texture, these surfaces are incredibly dated and often loathed by those wanting a more modern style. As such, it’s common for homeowners to search for different methods to remove them. Still, regardless of how badly you want them gone, it’s recommended you hire a professional to take on this task. These are a few of the reasons to hire a professional to remove a popcorn ceiling and the benefits of doing so.

Access To the Proper Tools

Firstly, professionals often have many more tools at their disposal. This means that they’re always prepared for these specific jobs and have several years of experience using them. Since popcorn ceilings often require scrapers of a different sizes, professionals will always know which piece of equipment will be best suited for the situation. Being equipped with the proper tools ensures the process will be handled in the most effective manner.

Damage Prevention

A professional hand is also helpful for reducing the chances of damage. It requires a lot of brute force to remove popcorn ceilings and, often times, accidents can occur when a homeowner tries to do it themselves. Professionals are familiar with exactly how much pressure is needed to smooth out popcorn ceilings and can do so with minimal damage to the ceiling itself.

Less Exposure To Toxic Materials

Another important reason to hire a professional to remove a popcorn ceiling is the risk often involved in it. Old-fashioned popcorn ceilings will typically have asbestos or lead directly beneath the surface. As such, the dust that’s generated from the removal process can be toxic and dangerous to breathe in. Professionals are well aware of these risks and will bring the necessary safety gear to protect themselves during the job.

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