Tricks for Picking the Perfect Color Palette

The color palette you choose for your home is crucial to both maintaining your house’s overall appearance and incorporating personality into its design. Color has the power to turn a once boring and monotone space into something the evokes emotions and makes that area fun and enjoyable. As such, through color, you can create not just a house for people to look at on the surface, but a unique and atmospheric home to invite guests into. These are a few tricks for picking the perfect color palette and fitting it into your current home style.

Familiarize Yourself With the Color Wheel

In order to figure out which color palette will fit best with your existing design, it’s important that you understand which colors traditionally look good together. Taking a minute to analyze the color wheel and see which colors naturally complement one another is a wonderful way to get ideas and keep your color scheme consistent. If you know you want a shade of blue, for instance, but don’t know what other colors to pair with it, a color wheel can show you what other colors are in the same family. So, in this circumstance, you could choose to use something slightly green or purple in hue.

Consider the Classic Pairings

It’s also important that you consider some of the more classic color pairings to give yourself a solid color foundation. By using a palette that already works and making it your own, you can not only generate a new look, but also one that’s unique to your home. The combination of black and white is particularly popular because it provides a timeless look that you can customize to fit your needs. With the contrast of these two colors seeming to rival each other in a design, it’s also a lot easier to incorporate a third accent color to create a splash of excitement in the design.

Try the 60-30-10 Rule

For many homeowners, the issue might not be in choosing the colors as much as it is in incorporating them into the space. This is why another useful trick for picking the perfect color palette is to plan your room’s new appearance by the 60-30-10 rule. Typically, most home color palettes follow a three-color rule—with one color being dominant and two others acting as secondary and accent colors. The dominant color on the walls will make up 60 percent of the room, the secondary color for fabrics is 30 percent, and the accent color for decorations is 10 percent. All these colors are generally in the same family and directly complement one another when applied. So, no matter which colors you ultimately choose, you need to ensure that they’re alike enough to balance one another out.

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