How to Turn Your Home into the Perfect Vacation Rental

Though current times have made many families want to do anything but travel, it always helps to be prepared. This way, you can have your home vacation-ready just in time for when they want to begin another adventure. For those that have an extra bedroom or two, or those leaving town for a while, renting is often the perfect option to earn some extra cash. As a cheaper alternative to staying in a hotel, many vacationers will jump at the chance to stay in a home for their extended trip. However, in order to properly rent it out for a season, it’s crucial that your home is in tip-top shape. Learn how to turn your home into the perfect vacation rental and be ready for whatever the next season throws your way.

Clean it Up

For your home to be guest-ready, it needs to be clean and organized enough to store their personal belongings. As such, it’s key that you take the time to clean and declutter your own possessions so that there’s extra space around the home. Along with getting rid of extra items, it’s also important that you keep all surfaces clean and sanitized to ensure that it’s the best possible environment for a family. This process might even involve taking on a home interior painting project to brighten up the home and make it appear even more welcoming to guests.

Make Sure it’s Not Too Personalized

It’s also important that you remove any personal items or mementos before you allow guests to stay in your home for an extended period of time. This ensures that your most valued possessions are safe and your renters don’t have to worry about damaging any of your belongings during their visit. Creating a blank slate in your home also helps your renters feel more comfortable, as they won’t be surrounded by mementos they don’t recognize.

Upgrade Your Security Systems

Whether it’s installing a smoke detector or setting up keycard access on your door, upgraded security systems make guests feel safer and ensure that your property is protected. This way, both parties can go about their vacations worry-free. Even if you already have these precautions in place, it’s always a good idea to regularly upgrade these systems to keep them working properly when you need them most.

Create a Set of Ground Rules

Though you’re leaving your home in the care of renters, it’s still your property and you have a right to protect it. As such, it’s perfectly reasonable for you to set several ground rules that your guests need to follow if they’re going to stay. This agreement should include appropriate conduct, damage fees should you need to enforce them, and pet policies if you choose to allow them. With this in writing, you won’t need to be as concerned about your property being damaged and you can ensure you’re protected, should the need arise.